SAR Issue V10N1

Industry News: Figures Indicate 2005 Gun &Ammo Sales Rise - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review - By Chris A. Choat

RAFFICA - By Dan Shea

NFATCA Report: The NFA and Forms Processing - By John Brown

The Guns of Yemen - By Rob Krott

100 Year History of the .30-06 - By Chris Punnett

The Colt SCAR Weapons Type C - By Christopher R. Bartocci

U.S. Service Weapons Using .30-06 - By Robert G. Segel

2006 NDIA Small Arms Symposium - By Robert Bruce

The M 1903 - By Charles Q. Cutshaw

Raufoss Multipurpose Ammo - By W. Hays Parks

Operation Self-Help - By David Brownnell

M1 Rifle of the Korean War - By Frank Iannamico

America's "Enfield" Service Rifle, The Model 1917 - By Scott Stoppelman