SAR Issue V11N2

Industry News: Data Indicates Strong Gun Sales This Year - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review - By Chris A. Choat

NFATCA Report: Updating the NFA Handbook - By John Brown

The Gyrojet Flare Launcher - By Chuck Madurski

The WWII German MP41[r] PPSh41 9 mm Conversion Kit - By Chuck Madurski

The Interview: Rex Merrill of Vector Arms - By Jason M. Wong

The XM26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System - By Robert Bruce

The STAR Z-45 Submachine Gun - By Jean Huon

US M114s Role in El Salvador - By Julio A. Montes

Gevarm Expiremental .22 Automatique Carbine - By J.M. Ramos

The Nepalese .450 Bira Gun - By John Walter