SAR Issue V12N1

SITREP - By Dan Shea

Industry News: Suits Follow Supreme Court Affirmation of RKBA - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review - By Chris A. Choat

NFATCA Report - By John Brown

The Madsen Machine Gun Story - By James L. Ballou

Internal Laser Handling Sights from LaserMax - By Christopher R. Bartocci

NDIA Small Arms Symposium: Where Visions Become Reality - By Jason Gillis

Ranger Rendezvous 2007 - By Robert Bruce

The BH (Bechowiec) SMG: Poland's Forgotten Submachine Gun - By Leszek Erenfeicht

Custom Build Your Own Black Rifle - By Jeff W. Zimba

U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii - By Robert G. Segel

Cartridges for Long Range Sniping Rifles - By Anthony G. Williams

Design Secrets of the General Electric Armament Systems Department - By George E. Kontis, PE