SAR Issue V12N3

SITREP - By Dan Shea

Industry News: ATF Guidance on When a Manufacturer’s License is Needed - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review - By Chris A. Choat

NFATCA Report: The NFATCA Guide to: Purchase but Protect Your Investment - By John Brown

French Automatic Rifle Model 1917 - By Jean Huon

Turkish Thompson Submachine Guns - By Roger A. Herbst

The Life & Times of Bob Brenner: Part 2 - By Frank Iannamico

The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence: 600 Years of Hong Kong History - By Jason M. Wong

Program Executive Officer Soldier: Live Fire Weapons Demonstration - Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland - By Robert Bruce

The VZOR 58 Tactical Conversion: Chechoslovakia's Classic Battle Rifle Upgraded - By J.M. Ramos

Guns of the Spetsnaz: 9mm PB Silenced Pistol - By Maxim Popenker

40mm Grenade Launchers Fight Back! - By Anthony G. Williams

Brazillian Small Arms at LAAD 2007 - By Julio A. Montes

Examining the Extreme Ratio Fulcrum Bayonet: Sistema Multiruolo (Multi-Purpose System) - By Tim Kast

AK Accuracy: Separating Fact from Fiction - By John D. Long

Small Arms of the Columbian Counter Insurgency War Machine - By Julio A. Montes