SAR Issue V16N3

SITREP - By Dan Shea

Industry News: ATF Announces the Preliminary Results of its Multiple Sales Reporting (MSR) Program - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review - By Chris A. Choat

NFATCA Report: A Reasonable Defense - By Jeffrey Folloder

The FN SCAR 16 Civilian SCAR - By Christopher R. Bartocci

Glauberyt: The Last of the Polish Submachine Guns - By Leszek Erenfeicht

Robert "Uncle Bob" Faris Memorial Shoot - By Robert G. Segel

The Darne Machine Gun - By Jean Huon

Yugoslav Mauser-Schnellfeuer Automatic Pistols - By Branko Bogdanovic

The 100-Series Kalashnikovs: A Primer - By N.R. Jenzen-Jones

IWI X95: A Bullpup for IDF Special Forces - By Paolo Ortenzi

Guns & Steel: Forged in History - By George E. Kontis, PE

PWS MK 112: A Long Stroke AR SBR - By Todd Burgreen

To Anneal Or Not To Anneal - By Tom Wilson

Kassel, Germany Gun & Militaria Show - By Kent Saunders

America's Toughest Two Gun Four Star... George S. Patton, Jr. in Mexico - By J David Truby

The Interview: Lew Wetzel, Part II - By George E. Kontis, PE

Model of 1917 Conversions - By Charles Brown

Austrian Gurtf├╝ller 66 - By Jean-Francois Legendre