SAR Issue V18N4

SITREP: V18N4 - By Dan Shea

New Review: V18N4 - By Chris A. Choat

Made in the USA: The AA12 Shotgun - By Christopher R. Bartocci

Krebs Custom KV 13 Vepr AK - By Todd Burgreen

Self Loading Rifle L1A1: The European “Black Rifle” - By Anthony Wicks

The JP Enterprises LRP-07 SASS - By Christopher R. Bartocci

On the Range with the “Technicians for Victory” Part 2: Guns of the 203D Military Intelligence Battalion - By Robert Bruce

CF98: The New Chinese Service Pistol - By Christopher R. Bartocci

TAC-CON 3MR Trigger - By Chris A. Choat

The U.S. M2 Carbine - By Robert Bruce

GSG StG44: The .22 Long Rifle SturmGewher - By Christopher R. Bartocci

Christensen Arms CA 10 DMR—.308Win AR - By Todd Burgreen

The Lewis Gun - By Robert G. Segel

Republic of Korea Manual .50 Caliber Quad - By H.B. Hong

Schletek - By Dave Lake

Space Age Weapons D-CAT - By Christopher R. Bartocci

Honoring Herbie Woodend, Ten Years After... - By Dan Shea

Industry News: V18N4 - By Robert M. Hausman

NFATCA Report: V18N4 - By John Brown