SAR Issue V1N4

Letters to SAR: January 1998 - By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Military Gun Powder - By Frank Iannamico

ArmaLite Reunion on Eugene Stoner’s 70th Birthday - By Al Paulson

Eugene Stoner: A Genius and a Gentleman - By Jerry Tarble

The Stoner Honor Guard (Improvised) - By Dan Shea

US Army Ordnance Museum, Aberdeen Proving Ground - By Frank Iannamico

The Stoner 63 in Combat - By Jeff W. Zimba

The Beta C-Mag Exposed - By Steve Baughman

Testing & Evaluation: The McMillan M89 Suppressed Sniper Rifle - By Al Paulson

Special Feature: Stoner Designs - By Dan Shea

Small Arms Data by Wire (SADW): January 1998 - By Nick Steadman

M16 Shorty Diagnostic - By Thomas Hoel

Raffica: January 1998 - By Dan Shea

Industry News: January 1998 - By Robert M. Hausman

Archive Photo of the Month: January 1998 - By Robert Bruce