SAR Issue V20N9

New Review: V20N9 - By Chris A. Choat

2016 Sniper Optics Guide - By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Ruger Precision Rifle - By Todd Burgreen

Industry Profile: International Replica Arms Company - By Robert Bruce

“This Sidewinder Has A Great Bite” - By J David Truby

“We Were Soldiers, Once...”: An Interview with Joe Galloway on His Experience with the Black Rifle - By Christopher R. Bartocci

The Interview: Chris Barrett, Part I - By Miles Vining

The New Lewis Machine & Tool PDW: The Shortest Member of the LMT Family - By Christopher R. Bartocci

“Krinkov”: The Soviet AKS74U - By Miles Vining

The SIG 516 Pistol - By Christopher R. Bartocci

Chinese Type 56 (RPD) War Trophy - By Frank Iannamico

Book Review: V20N9 - By Dean Roxby

Legally Armed: V20N9 - By Teresa G. Ficaretta, Esq. and Johanna Reeves, Esq.

NFATCA Report: V20N9 - By Jeffrey Folloder

Guns of the Silver Screen: V20N9 - By Kyle Shea