SAR Issue V21N2

New Review: V21N2 - By Chris A. Choat

Armscor 10mm Longslide - By Oleg Volk

Nightforce 2017 Update - By Alton P. Chiu

The 10/22 TECH-SIGHT - By J.M. Ramos

Doublestar 1911 PhD (Personal Home Defense) - By Thomas Murphy

The Sun Never Sets on the Browning High Power - By Alton P. Chiu

Modernizing the Browning High Power: Teaching an Old Dog Some New Tricks - By Alton P. Chiu

Grand Power: P1 Ultra and P40 Pistols - By Chris A. Choat

Australia’s First Bullpup - By Matthew Moss

Lockup - By Paul Evancoe

Nighthawk: Custom’s Browning Hi Power - By Todd Burgreen

The Tandem Solution - By Aaron Brudenell

Daniel Defense AR-15 Magazine - By Alton P. Chiu

Legally Armed: V21N2 - By Teresa G. Ficaretta, Esq. and Johanna Reeves, Esq.

Emageeman's Corner: V21N2 - By Robert G. Segel

Guns of the Silver Screen: V21N2 - By Kyle Shea

Book Review: V21N2 - By Dean Roxby

Help & Where to Get It: U.S. Import/Export - By Dan Shea

NFATCA Report: V21N2 - By Jeffrey Folloder