SAR Issue V22N7

New Review: V22N7 - By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Special Report: Advances in Ammunition - By Christopher Rance

The GSG MP40-22 SBR: Burp Gun on a Budget - By Will Dabbs, MD

Take Down: SRM Arms Model 1216 Semiautomatic Shotgun - By Frank Iannamico

“Lock Launch”: Mi338 Kivaari Weapons System Powered by TrackingPoint - By Tom Murphy

Silence! Bowers Group LLC USS .22 Suppressor - By Frank Iannamico

NDIA Small Arms Group Awards 2018 - By Dan Shea

Through the Looking Glass - By Christopher Rance

SIG SAUER P365: SIG’s Covert Carry Challenger - By Oleg Volk

Meet T.E.D.D.: Weapon of Mass Distraction - By Tom Murphy

The Nambu Type 94 - By Will Dabbs, MD

Trijicon RMR MP5 Rear Sight Mount - By Alton P. Chiu

KALASHNIKOV: The AK-47 & AKM Rifles, Part 2 of 2 - By Frank Iannamico

Book Reviews: V22N7 - By Dean Roxby

Machine Gun Memorabilia: V22N7 - By Robert G. Segel

Guns of the Silver Screen: V22N7 - By Kyle Shea

Legally Armed: V22N7 - By Johanna Reeves, Esq.

NFATCA Report: V22N7 - By Jeffrey Folloder