SAR Issue V2N11

SITREP: August 1999 - By Dan Shea

The Danish Hovea M49 Submachine Gun - By J.R. Moody

Classic Anti-Aircraft Sights - By Robert G. Segel

Pre-Ban or Post-Ban: More Than Just a Date - By Corey Sattler

Guns and Rotors - By Will Dabbs, MD

The M97 Sporting Rifle: KRINKS debuts ‘The All American’ - By Rick Cartledge

IWA ‘99 Show, Nurnburg Germany - By Sam Pikula

Oregon Machine Gun Championship - By Vic Fogle

Mark 8Z Ball .303 Machinegun Magnum - By David M. Fortier

SOMALIA: Weapons We Used, Weapons We Captured - By Rob Krott

Surplus Review: August 1999 - By Frank Iannamico

Book Reviews: August 1999 - By Dan Shea

In The Raid Van: August 1999 - By Capt. Tom Dresner

Small Arms Data by Wire (SADW): August 1999 - By Nick Steadman

New Review: August 1999 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: August 1999 - By Robert M. Hausman

Letters to SAR: August 1999 - By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

.223 Barrel Twist vs. Accuracy - By Chad Haire