SAR Issue V2N2

Letters to SAR: November 1998 - By Dan Shea

In Defense of Finnish Assault Rifle Production - By Robie Kulokivi

The Spring Machine Gun Shoot in Albany Oregon - By Vic Fogle

The Lahti-Saloranta 26 Light Machine Gun - By Janne Pohjoispää

The Interview: MIKE DILLON, Part I - By Dan Shea

Birth of the Offensive Handgun Suppressor - By Doug Olson

FIREPOWER! The Dual Magazine MP40 - By Frank Iannamico

Ruger M77/44 Bolt Action Rifle - By Mark White

Surplus Review: November 1998 - By Frank Iannamico

Book Reviews: November 1998 - By Stephen Stuart

New NRA National Firearms Museum Open To Public - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review: November 1998 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: November 1998 - By Robert M. Hausman

Gemtech’s Vortex-2 Suppressor: A Shooter’s Perspective - By Steve Baughman