SAR Issue V3N11

SITREP: August 2000 - By Dan Shea

Astra's Remarkable Pistol - By R.K. Campbell

Austrian Schwarzlose Mode 07/12 Water Cooled Machine Gun - By Robert G. Segel

Guidelines For A Successful Small Arms Demonstration: Part 1 - By Jim Schatz

National Defense Industrial Association’s 1999 International Infantry & Small Arms Section Symposium, Exhibition and Firing Demonstration - By Robert Bruce

Book Reviews: August 2000 - By David M. Fortier

Cal .22LR MGV 176 Submachine Gun: An Option for the military shotgun? - By Robie Kulokivi

Sound Measurement Techniques - By Philip H. Dater, MD

New Review: August 2000 - By Chris A. Choat

Small Arms Data by Wire (SADW): August 2000 - By Nick Steadman

Industry News: August 2000 - By Robert M. Hausman

Association News: August 2000 - By Larry Pratt

The Mouse: Rate Reducers and Trigger Housings for the BAR - By James L. Ballou