SAR Issue V4N3

SITREP: December 2000 - By Dan Shea

The Type "I" Carcano - By Anthony Dee

Japanese Mobile Firepower of the Pacific War: The Nambu Type 99 Light Machine Gun - By Edwin F. Libby

The Garand - By Robert Bruce

USS Bowfin Museum - By Dan Shea

Let The Tracer's Fly! - By Dan Shea

Ordnance Committee Meeting, 23 December 1943 - By Frank Iannamico

The Carbine - By Robert Bruce

World War II Weaponry. Pacific Theater of Operations: The Marine Corps - Rock in a Hard Place - By James L. Ballou

The Jap 11 and Merrill's Marauders - By Rick Cartledge

The Japanese Type 92 (1932) 7.7mm Heavy Machine Gun - By Edwin F. Libby

Firing the Nambu Type 14, Japan's Service Pistol - By R.K. Campbell

The Bazooka - By Robert Bruce

Industry News: December 2000 - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review: December 2000 - By Chris A. Choat

S.A.D.W.: December 2000 - By Nick Steadman

Japan's Mass Produced Submachine Gun: The Type 100 - By Edwin F. Libby

The USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - By Jeff W. Zimba

The Model 55 Reising - By Frank Iannamico

The Tommy Gun - By Robert Bruce

Owen 9mm SMG - By Chad Haire

The Japanese Nambu Type 96 6.5mm Light Machine Gun - By Edwin F. Libby

Guns of the Pacific Theater... Not Exactly What You Might Expect - By Dan Szatkowski

The Japanese Type 99 Rifle (Long Version) - By Stephen Stuart