SAR Issue V5N11

SITREP: August 2002 - By Dan Shea

M-16/22LR SD: A Build-Up based on the Ciener Conversion - By William Perkins

Interview with Tim LaFrance of LaFrance Specialties - By Matt Smith

AAC Phoenix Silenced .22 Rifles - By Al Paulson

Interview with Doug Olson - By Matt Smith

Book Reviews: August 2002 - By Dan Shea

Maxim Model 1909 Torture Test - By Al Paulson

Interview with Jonathan Arthur Ciener - By Matt Smith

SAR Tests the .32 caliber Welrod - By Philip H. Dater, MD

Bowers Boffo Budget CAC 45 Suppressor - By Al Paulson

Interview with Dr. Phil Dater of Gemtech - By Matt Smith

A Rifleman’s Rifle: Sound Technology’s Silenced CZ 452-2E ZKM - By Al Paulson

Northern Arizona Machine Gun Shoot - By Kenton Tucker

Interview with Lynn McWilliams of AWC Systems Technology - By Matt Smith

Interview with John Tibbetts of John’s Guns - By Matt Smith

Gemtech’s Mossad Uzi Silencer - By Al Paulson

New Review: August 2002 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: August 2002 - By Robert M. Hausman

Interview with Curtis Higgins of S&H Arms of OK, Inc. - By Matt Smith