SAR Issue V5N7

SITREP: April 2002 - By Dan Shea

Vietnam: An Ammo Advisor’s Memoir - By Charles Q. Cutshaw

Knives of the Vietnam War - By M.W. Silvey

Gimmicks, Gadgets & Guns - By Robert Bruce

“We Were Soldiers”: Making the Movie - By Dan Shea

The History and Development of the M60 Machine Gun and its Use in Vietnam - By Kevin Dockery

Phu Bai Fireworks on the Fourth of July: Dan Shea Interviews the Mystery Marine - By Dan Shea

40MM Shoulder-Fired Grenade Launchers and the SEALs - By Kevin Dockery

Mitch WerBell’s Silenced Destroyer Carbine - By Al Paulson

40MM Low Velocity Grenade Launcher Machine Guns: The Honeywell Mark 18, Mark 20 and the SEALs. - By Kevin Dockery

The Stoner 63A’s Earliest Days in Combat - By Lt. Colonel J.W. Gibbs III

40mm Low Pressure Ammunition - By Steve Fleischman

American Arms for the South Vietnamese - By Robert Bruce

Industry News: April 2002 - By Robert M. Hausman

New Review: April 2002 - By Chris A. Choat

Book Reviews: April 2002 - By Lee Arten

M14 vs. M16 in Vietnam - By Robert Bruce

SAR at the War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - By Michael Shyne

The Marines and the Stoner in Vietnam - By Kevin Dockery

The Browning 1919A4 and 1919A6 Machine Guns in Vietnam - By Frank Iannamico

1956 British take on the Viet Minh Mines - By Dan Shea

Night Vision in Vietnam - By James L. Ballou

HDMS Silenced .22 Pistols in Vietnam - By Al Paulson