SAR Issue V6N8

SITREP: May 2003 - By Dan Shea

Hailstorm of Death: The Gatling Gun - By J David Truby

When is a Spade Not a Spade? Soviet 37mm Spade Mortar - By Terry Gander

M-16 FrankenSTEN: Creating a Monster - A How-to Guide - By Will Dabbs, MD

Small Caliber Tank Buster: 7.92 mm Panzerbüchse (P.z.B.) 39 German Anti-Tank Rifle - By Frank Iannamico

“Ambassador” Beretta’s Perfect Little Subgun - By J David Truby

“Elephant Gun” Of The Winter War: The Lahti 20mm L-39 Antitank Rifle - By Robert Bruce

RASE “Extra 30” Stock - By Al Paulson

New Review: May 2003 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: May 2003 - By Robert M. Hausman

The Thompson Submachine Gun ID Guide, Part X: The Thompson Drums of West Hurley, Auto-Ordnance - By Frank Iannamico