SAR Issue V8N11

NRA 2005 Photo Feature - By Jeff W. Zimba

Book Review: RUNNING RECON: A Photo Journey with SOG Special Ops Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail - By J David Truby

Design and Development of the U.S. Carbine Thirty-Round Magazine - By Frank Iannamico

USMC Robot Warrior - By Robert Bruce

Italian FIAT Revelli Model 1914 - By Robert G. Segel

World War I German Machine Gun Unit Reunion - By Robert G. Segel

Knob Creek Receives a New Facelift - By Vince Oliva

New Review: August 2005 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: August 2005 - By Robert M. Hausman

SITREP: August 2005 - By Dan Shea

Ciener's 22 caliber Thompson kit: A new side to Thompson fun - By Dan Shea

Ciener's Beretta 93R conversion to 22 caliber. - By Dan Shea

Heckler & Koch Defense Wins Multi-year Contract for New U.S. Arms Grenade Launcher - By Dan Shea

Raffica Resurrection - By Dan Shea

Ammunition Belts for British Cal. .45 and .303 Maxim Machine Guns - By Jean-Francois Legendre