SAR Issue V8N12

Prvi Partizan - By Dan Shea

Zastava M76 from Ohio Rapid Fire - By Mark Genovese

The Howlett Submachinegun - By Frank Iannamico

US Army Robot Warrior - By Robert Bruce

Japanese B.A.R.s - By James L. Ballou

Clips and Chargers - By Leszek Erenfeicht

Book Review: The Browning Machine Gun Volume I - By Robert G. Segel

New Review - September 2005 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News - September 2005 - By Robert M. Hausman

SITREP - September 2005 - By Dan Shea

BGA-30 Grenade Launcher - By Dan Shea

Remington's "Black Rifle" The Model 700 P, PSS - By Scott Stoppelman