SAR Issue V8N3

SITREP - December 2004 - By Dan Shea

China Police Expo 2004 - By Dan Shea

The Colt Monitor B.A.R. - By James L. Ballou

Beijing Military Museum - By Junshi Bowuguan

SAR Profiles Br├╝gger & Thomet, AG - By Philip H. Dater, MD

U.S & Allied Infantry Weaponry in Operation Iraqi Freedom The US Air Force - By Robert Bruce

The BW-5 from Bobcat Weapons, INC. - By Robert Gudz

Another Tactical Upgrade from MGI Military The QCB Upper Receiver for the AR-15/M16/M4 - By Jeff W. Zimba

Season's Greetings from the Front - By Robert G. Segel

New Review - December 2004 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News - December 2004 - By Robert M. Hausman

9mm Mors wz.39 - By Leszek Erenfeicht