SAR Issue V8N7

Lasergrips from Crimson Trace: A New Light On Tactical Laser Sights - By Jeff W. Zimba

The Good Old Days - By Jeff W. Zimba

Mr. Stanley and the Maxim Automatic Gun - By Belford’s Annual, 1887

Feeding the Tiger: The Ammunition Feed-systems for the French Saint-Etienne Mle. 1907 Machine Guns - By Jean-Francois Legendre

Semiautomatic Bren from Historic Arms, LLC - By Mark Genovese

USAF Expeditionary Security Forces - By Robert Bruce

Specialized Weaponry & Equipment of Ekam - By Prokopius Ziros

Knife Maker, Greg Lightfoot Northwoods Innovator - By Tim Kast

New Review: April 2005 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: April 2005 - By Robert M. Hausman

The Bride of Raffica! - By Dan Shea

Book Review Enemies Foreign and Domestic - By Jeff W. Zimba

Subgun Comparisons - By Frank Iannamico