SAR Issue V8N8

A Fist Full of Firepower! Rifle Calibers in Pistol-Size Packages - By Jeff W. Zimba

Big Mac Attack! - By Frank Iannamico

The Ruger / Mac MKI: Vietnam's Silent Service - By J David Truby

USMC Scout Snipers - By Robert Bruce

Japanese Type 92 (M1932) 7.7mm Heavy Machine Gun - By Robert G. Segel

Semiautomatic MG34 from TNW - By Mark Genovese

New Review: May 2005 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: May 2005 - By Robert M. Hausman

Raffica: May 2005 - By Dan Shea

Full Auto, Family & Freedom SAR Talks With TED Nugent - By Jeff W. Zimba

General Kalashnikov's 85th Birthday Celebration - By John P. Wallace