SAR Issue V9N6

STAG-15L The Sinistral Semiautomatic from Stag Arms - By Jeff W. Zimba

Schmidt - Rubin Karabiner 1931 - By Scott Stoppelman

Weapons of the Insurgency - By Robert Bruce

History of the Thompson Drum Magazine - By Tracie L. Hill

Big Sandy Arizona Shoot - By Robert G. Segel

NFATCA Report: March 2006 - By John Brown

New Review: March 2006 - By Chris A. Choat

Industry News: March 2006 - By Robert M. Hausman

SITREP: March 2006 - By Dan Shea

Raffica: March 2006 - By Dan Shea

Sneak Peek at the Creek Fall 2005 Shoot & Show - By Jeff W. Zimba

PCA-SPECTRUM Ammunition From NATEC Plastic Fantastic - By Jeff W. Zimba

SAR SHOW 2005 The Largest Gun Show West of the Rockies Gets Even Larger! - By Jeff W. Zimba

The Interview: Henk Visser, Part I - By Dan Shea