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By Chris Choat

Timney Introduces New AR-15 Replacement Trigger

Timney Manufacturing, one of the oldest and largest trigger manufacturers in the world, has been making replacement triggers for bolt-action rifles for 60 years. They have now taken their knowledge and experience and created a true drop-in replacement trigger for the AR-15 series of rifles. The self-contained, 100% drop-in unit is ready to install in your small-pin AR-15 for an exceptionally smooth, crisp single-stage trigger pull. No gunsmithing, fitting or adjusting is required. Pull weight is factory set at a fixed weight of the users choice of either 3 or 4 pounds. The trigger’s housing is made from lightweight, 6061 T6 alloy for superior durability. The hammer is EDM machined from S7 tool steel that combines hardness to resist wear with impact resistance to withstand heavy use without chipping or breaking. Other components are EDM cut from A2 tool steel, then heat treated to Rc 56-60 for longer service life. A skeletonized trigger provides strength coupled with lighter weight for positive control. The module installs using your rifle’s original hammer and trigger pins. The new triggers proprietary design eliminates pin rotation and walkout. For more information or to place an order, please contact them at Timney Manufacturing, Inc., Dept. SAR, 3940 West Clarendon Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85019. Phone: (602) 274-2999. Fax: (602) 241- 0361. They can be located on the web at www.timneytriggers.com.

First-Light USA Introduces the Liberator Tactical Light

The most versatile, ergonomically advanced lighting device ever developed for law enforcement and tactical professionals is now available from First-Light USA. It is the hands-enabling Liberator Tactical Light. Unlike traditional lights, the Liberator fastens to the shooters hand but still leaves the hand free to do other things such as firing a weapon, opening doors, controlling a canine, climbing a ladder, handling or handcuffing a subject and many other tasks. As it is on the users hand it is available at a moments notice. The light is fully adjustable to just about any position so it can be used in any application. The Liberator Tactical Light features a three-watt Lumileds Luxeon Star LED emitter and reflector with an output of 80+ lumens of blinding white light. Weighing in at just over 7 ounces, its housing is constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum and highperformance polymers. A three button control system allows for three brightness levels in constant-on mode, a momentary switch and a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation. Its strap and handle are fully adjustable and ergonomically designed for optimum control and comfort while correctly griping either handguns or long guns. On the low light setting the light can run for 60 hours and on the full power setting you can get 90 minutes of use. The Liberator uses two CR123 3-volt lithium batteries. Another nice feature of the light is a break-away feature in case an assailant tries to grab the light. For more information on this revolutionary new light system, please contact First-Light USA LLC, Dept. SAR, 320 County Road 1100 North, Seymour, IL 61875. Phone: (877) 454-4450. Fax: (877) 454-4420. Their website is www.first-light-usa.com.

McMillan Tactical Products Introduces New TAC-Series Rifle

The McMillan Group has just launched the McMillan Tactical Products company. The company’s focus is to provide bestof- breed tactical gear for the working professional.The company’s first product line is the TAC-Series, a new series of tactical rifles based on the proven McMillan standard, magnum and .50 caliber custom actions. These rifles are not intended to be babied in gun safes. They are built to be dragged through the mud, banged around in Humvees and helicopters, carried through temperature extremes and still deliver positive functioning and benchrest accuracy at the critical point of a mission. The TAC-308 is based on the McMillan standard length action. It is chambered in .308 Winchester, has a match-grade 20 inch barrel and is designed (primarily) for urban use. It can be configured with either a detachable box magazine or a hinged floorplate. The TAC-308 uses the McMillan A-3 tactical rifle stock with spacer system, adjustable integral cheekpiece and flush mount swivel cups. Based on the McMillan magnum action, the TAC-300 and TAC-338 are chambered in .300 Winchester and .338 Lapua Magnum, respectively. They feature matchgrade 26 inch barrels and can be configured with either a detachable box magazine or a hinged floorplate. The TAC-338 includes a muzzle brake. The magnum rifles include the McMillan A-5 tactical stock, spacer system, adjustable integral cheekpiece, flush mount swivel cups and your choice of hinged floorplate or detachable box magazine. The TAC-50 is based on the McMillan .50 caliber action. It is chambered in .50 BMG with a match-grade 29 inch barrel and muzzle brake. It is built with the McMillan Take Down .50 caliber stock, spacer system and adjustable saddletype cheekpiece. It can be configured as a single shot or as a repeater with blind or box magazine. For more information on these very high quality rifles, please contact McMillan Tactical Products, LLC, Dept. SAR, 1638 West Knudsen Drive, Suite 102, Phoenix, AZ 85027. Phone: (623) 582-0536. Fax: (623) 581-3825. Website: www.mcmfamily.com.

Spec.-Ops Introduces New Tactical Products

Spec.-Ops. Brand has just introduced some new tactical gear that promises to enhance troop safety and effectiveness. The gear includes an innovative packframe for Spec.-Ops. Brand’s T.H.E (Tactical Holds Everything) PACK and two shotgun ammunition pouches, the Ready-Fire MODE Buttstock Ammunition Pouch for shotguns and the MOLLE-compatible 12- Round Shot Shell Pouch. T.H.E Pack Frame mounts to Spec.-Ops. Brand’s T.H.E. PACK to distribute the weight of the load between shoulders, back and hips for greater comfort and maneuverability and less impact on the back and spine. Aluminum stiffeners provide the extra support needed to balance heavy loads like radios and tripods and can be formed to custom fit the wearer’s body. Designed for prolonged use, T.H.E. PACK Frame is made of a high-tech, crackproof polymer that will not degrade. The Ready-Fire MODE Buttstock Ammunition Pouch securely mounts to any fixed buttstock shotgun, putting up to eight rounds of 12 gauge ammunition on the weapon for instant, hassle-free access. A sling mount on top of the buttstock allows the weapon to be carried in a ready-to-fire position, which reduces arm fatigue and increases troop safety. The pull-tab on cover flap allows quick and easy opening. The 12-Round Shotshell Pouch is a GRID-LOK/MOLLE compatible pouch that provides easy and speedy access to 12 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition. Both pouches are constructed from high quality 1000D Cordura Nylon fabric (double layered) that is bar tack reinforced at critical stress points. Both also feature a full-length top flap to keep ammunition clean, dry and out of harms way, as well as wide spaced loops specifically designed for use while wearing gloves. Both Ready-Fire MODE and the 12 Round Pouch use Dura-Lastic shell loops to secure ammunition in place and fit shell lengths up to 3-1/2-inch. They are available in Black, Coyote Brown and ACU. Retail list price for Ready-Fire MODE is $29.95; for the 12 Round Shotshell Pouch, $39.95 and for T.H.E. PACK Frame, $29.95. Ready-Fire MODE is also available for rifles with fixed and collapsible buttstocks. All Spec.-Ops. Brand products are backed by the company’s lifetime guarantee. For more information on Spec.-Ops entire high quality line of tactical products, please contact Spec-Ops Brand, Dept. SAR, 1601 West 15th Street, Monahans, TX 79756. Phone: (432) 943-4888. Fax: (432) 943-54565. They can be found on the web at www.specopsbrand.com.

Volquartsen Custom Offers 20-Round Mags for 10/22 Magnum Rifles

Volquartsen Custom is now offering the first and only high capacity magazines for 10/22 rifles chambered in .22 WMR or .17 HMR, the hottest shooting and highest demand rimfire calibers. Although high capacity magazines are already available for the 10/22 in .22 LR, it stands to reason that Volquartsen, the acknowledged market leader in high performance 10/22 aftermarket accessories, would be the first to introduce a high capacity magazine for the two magnum calibers. These brand new magazines are precision manufactured from Volquartsen’s own design. They are machined from solid billet aluminum, and they have been extensively tested to ensure reliable feeding and functioning. The unique two-piece assembly allows the shooter to easily disassemble the magazines for cleaning or repair in the event of a rare malfunction. The new magazines should fit any factory Ruger 10/22 magnum or any similar rifle. With a twenty round capacity they offer twice the available ammunition between reloads. For more information, please contact Volquartsen Custom, Dept. SAR, 24276 240th Street, P.O. Box 397, Carroll, IA 51401. Phone: (712) 792-4238. Fax: (712) 792-2542. They website is www.volquartsen.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V10N10 (July 2007)
and was posted online on November 30, 2012


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