Breaking News: Dolf Goldsmith has Suffered a Heart Attack
By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Update (12-6-2012):Dolf Just woke up, I spoke with his daughter, they did a triple bypass, he's awake, successful surgery, still in ICU, will move out tomorrow to standard care. He can't talk yet, throat sore from the intubation. That must be making him crazy :-) It'll be a month or so before he's mobile but they say it went well.


Just got off the phone with Dolf Goldsmith, he's in a hospital in Tucson, after SAR West he left Phoenix with friends to spend a few days out, had a heart attack yesterday. Doctor says he has five blocked arteries around his heart, will be in surgery for 4 hours on Thursday. I'll post results tomorrow when we find out. Don't bug him now, please, after he gets out he'll be houseridden for a month so I'm sure he'll be available for lots of talking... let's see how it goes.

He's been real excited, we finally got his Browning Book Volume V in from the printer, it's "Dolf's Notebook" and it's all his tips and tricks from a lifetime with the Brownings. He wanted me to make sure everyone knew it was out. He's got labels to sign with numbers if you have matched sets, we will try to get that matched up for people. Dealers email for case prices- 16 per case. J&T, Dennis Todd, and a few others bought cases and he signed them for them, so if you see them at shows, they have signed copies.

Dolf gets royalties from us, not just books to sell like his other deal as his only income, so if you buy online he does get funds from it.

His next book is with Robert Segel, it's machine guns up until 1920, including the hand operated ones... he's been researching for decades, so has Robert, and we've been gathering photos and info for many years to prepare for this book. If you talk with Dolf, encourage him on this new book, it helps keep him going...


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