Knob Creek Community Thanks!
By Dan Shea

It's always nice to be wanted and to feel welcome.

In the firearms community, we often feel left out. When the NRA had their convention in Philadelphia a couple of years ago, it was right in the middle of the multi-city extortion plot to attack firearms ownership by bleeding out the manufacturers. Philadelphia was a leader in this, and when we were there at the convention, everyone from the normally sullen union workers at the hall, to the protesters on the street corners, to the local politicians, made it clear that we weren't welcome. It would have been nice if we could have had the convention where we were wanted, and spent our money in that local community. Maybe the NRA should consider Bullitt County, Kentucky.

One thing is very clear twice every year. The communities surrounding where the Knob Creek Machine Gun Show and Shoot is held, sure do appreciate us being there. They're nice people, and they are very hospitable. Over the years, the community has absorbed this twice yearly event, and we have filled up their restaurants, hotels, and campgrounds, while putting many of the local kids to work at the range as well. The Sumners have been great about hiring these kids, and it is good contact for those kids to meet the real firearms community twice a year. Hearts and minds, as it were.

We are greeted every year by signs from local businesses welcoming the "Knob Creekers" or the "Machine Gun Shooters." We bring a lot of business to the town and we don't create much trouble at all. As a group, the machine gun collectors and shooters are pretty nice people.

We at SAR just wanted to say thanks to those in the community that like us being there, and to pass on where they are so that everyone reading this, that is attending the show, can consider going to where they are welcome. Just look for the signs.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V9N2 (November 2005)
and was posted online on April 5, 2013


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