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By Chris Choat

New P3 Ultimate Mono-Pod from CTK Precision

The new mono-pod is a quick change system that attaches to the rear sling swivel stud in less than 10 seconds without the use of tools. It is CNC machined from billet aluminum for high strength and low weight (5.4 oz.). The entire unit has a durable Mil-Spec hard coat anodized finish. It features rubber contact pads that will not harm the host firearm’s finish. The two stage telescoping leg provides 360 degrees of movement at 100 yards. The cam locking 1st stage gets you on target in seconds. Then you can fine tune the elevation with the threaded 2nd stage. A rotating Delrin foot allows for precise elevation adjustments, effortlessly. The new mono-pod also features a low profile design that is only 2.7 inches in the collapsed position. The spring loaded pop-out design gets you on target faster and 3 sling swivel attachment points allow easy mounting to various firearms. An optional AR-15 sling swivel stud also available. This high quality product has a retail price of just $159.99. CTK Precision also manufactures precision shooting rests. For more information on this made in the USA product, contact CTK Precision, Dept. SAR, E5861 Herzberg Road, Marion, WI 54950. Phone: (715) 754-2891. They can be found on the world wide web at www.ctkprecision.com.

Urban Advantage Introduces the Strike Plate Rail System (S.P.R.S.)

Fully ninety-eight percent of those who own and carry handguns, carry a handgun that is several years old and is not a state-of-the-art current generation handgun as produced by the plethora of firearms manufactures today: both commercial and custom. In all likelihood, a tried and true 1911 Government Model that the owner has come to love and trust. Missing from the less-than-new but still highly functional handgun is the ability to directly mount a high intensity tactical light for home defense, or if the handgun is used in a tactical mode, for assaults into darkened areas of buildings, unless one is fortunate enough to own an early generation SureFire Tactical Light. The feature that permits the mounting of a tactical light, a full-length rail system incorporated into the dust cover of the handgun, is limited to current model Glocks, and a few limited production model 1911s. Now there is a product to change that. Urban Advantage of Lynden, Washington, has developed a prototype Strike Plate & Rail System (S.P.R.S.) that will mount to any 1911 Government Model, Beretta 92 and 92 Centurion. This is a quick attaching assembly that provides a lightweight rail system ready to mount any of the current tactical lights available today. Three separate but simple features highlight this system’s versatility. First, the system incorporates a Strike Plate that ensures that an assailant will not knock your handgun out of battery and thus neutralizing your ability to deliver rounds on your target. Next, the unique opening in the Strike Plate allows pressure to be taken off the on coming bullet through the bore thus increasing velocity and with the slight weight and lessened pressure reduces recoil by nearly 50%. Third, and perhaps more important to most users, is a full length rail system which allows the operator to directly attach a tactical light directly to the gun. The 4-ounce system attaches without modification to the host firearm. For more information please contact Urban Advantage at Urban Developers and Associates, Inc., Dept. SAR, 357 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Lynden, WA 98264. Phone: (360) 384-3585. They can be found on the world wide web at www.urbanadvantage.net.

CQB Solutions Introduces Specter Brand Gear

CQB Solutions, manufacturer of essential tactical equipment, announces a breakthrough development... a new brand. The California-based manufacturer has retired the CQB Solutions name in favor of Specter. The move to the Specter brand represents the company’s intention to remain dynamic in its approach to addressing the needs of Specter customers. “We’ve changed our name, not our mission,” remarks Jeff Orchard, Specter’s president. “Specter remains the same team of specialists. We combine the experience of close quarter battle practitioners with manufacturing perfectionists.” The Specter brand reflects the expectations of the company’s market. Military, law enforcement and contract security personnel depends of manufacturers like Specter for products that perform to a higher standard in the very real world of combat and peacetime operations. All Specter products are manufactured in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Specter manufactures sewn tactical gear, including 3-point tactical slings, PALS/MOLLE compatible chest and thigh rigs, pouches, holsters, belts and other essential equipment. Their line of new products are available to military and government agencies on the GSA Schedule, published by the US General Services Administration, through Quantico Arms, contract number GS-07F-5802P. Specter gear is also available to the private sector at http://www.spectergear.com and at select authorized retailers. For more information please contact Specter, Dept. SAR, 1107 East Douglas Avenue, Visalia, CA 93292. Phone: (559) 635-1172. Fax: (559) 553-8835.

Now Carry Concealed Without Using a Holster with Toter Jeans

For sportsmen, law enforcement personnel and others who carry concealed, holsters can be a nuisance. Most brands of jeans are not designed for carrying handguns, knives or other concealed products. That’s why a new trend has been sweeping the nation - designer style jeans that also happen to be concealed carry clothing. Veteran holster and knife designer Blackie Collins revealed the amazing Toter jeans. Collins wanted to develop jeans that were very similar to designer jeans in comfort and durability. The new jeans would need to feel right while also concealing a knife or handgun in the safe and proper way. Each pair of Toters has a pocket holstering system designed for left or right-hand carry along with a full size second pocket compartment. The holster pockets, as well as the back pockets, are lined with Cordura Plus, a super-strength fabric that will not imprint. There are also two leg pockets positioned to insure their contents are in place for quick, easy access. Sportsmen are able to carry their handguns, knives and other items concealed while hunting, playing, sitting, standing, working or even riding motorcycles. The holsters are a part of the jeans, allowing for comfort and safety while engaging in many activities. Concealed carry jeans aren’t the only trend in the making. A new companion vest will be released soon with holstering pockets on both sides. These two garments combined provide a convenient way for anyone to carry concealed. For more information please contact Toters, Dept. SAR, P.O. Box 100, North, SC 29112. Phone: (803) 568-2444. Their website is www.toterjeans.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V10N4 (January 2007)
and was posted online on December 21, 2012


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