New Review: July 2005
By Chris Choat


Buffer Technologies now offers a tactical sling that takes weapon carrying to new heights - or at least new widths. The new Tactical Assault Sling from Buffer is made by Eagle Industries and features Cordura webbing a half-inch wider than Eagle’s typical slings. The three-point sling offers one-thumb quick-release for easy transitioning from carrying the weapon in normal use to the off-shoulder and prone position. It also has quick-detach capability and no metal-to-metal contact for quiet, no-noise use. The Tactical Assault Sling was chosen by the Naval Special Warfare Center at Crane, Indiana, for the ERB/SOCOM M-14, but Buffer offers them for the AK, FN/FAL, M16 collapsible stock, M16 full stock, M1A/M14, and MP5. Each retails for $35.95 and can be ordered on the company’s web site at www.buffertech.com.

Buffer Technologies is a Missouri-based manufacturer and distributor of tactical weapons accessories for military, law enforcement and shooting sports. Its signature products include patented recoil buffers for most automatic pistols and rifles, the MagCinch dual-magazine system, and TangoDown rail covers and battery storage grips for military assault rifles. For more information, please contact Buffer Technologies, P.O. Box 104803, Jefferson City. MO 65110. Phone: (573) 634-8529. Fax: (573) 634-8522.


Looking for additional ways to add accessories to your AR rifle but finding yourself limited to 4-Rail handguards and free float tubes? DPMS has the answer to your needs. DPMS-Panther Arms goes a step further and offers the 6-Rail Free Float Tube, standard and carbine length, for your AR rifle. These new 6-Rail handguards feature a 2-3/8 inch diameter 6000 series aluminum one-piece free float tube with a T6 heat treatment; hard-coat anodized black. Machined into the free float tube are six Picatinny rails featuring 30 slots per rail on the standard length tubes and 17 slots per rail on the carbine lengths. 48 individual vents increase the airflow to the barrel and help cool the standard length tube while 24 vents disperse the heat on the carbine version. Each 6-Rail Free Float Tube includes a manganese phosphated steel locking collar that controls the timing on the rails. Now you can mount as many accessories as you want to your AR-style rifle to make it completely customized. Available now, these new 6-Rail Free Float Tubes will retail for $159 (FF-6R - Standard Length) and $141 (FF-6RC - Carbine Length) respectively. DPMS is an industry leader in providing quality AR-style rifles, components and accessories and no other company offers more styles or configurations of AR rifles. DPMS also provides choices for high-power and small-bore shooters by offering several rifles chambered in .22LR, .223, 7.62x39, .308 Winchester and .300 Remington SAUM. For more information, please contact DPMS, Inc. Panther Arms, 3312 12th Street, St. Cloud, MN 56304. Phone: (320) 258-4448. Fax: (320) 258-4449. Their website is www.dpmsinc.com.


Kleen-Bore proudly announces the release of it’s unique, durable .50 Caliber Cleaning Kit for the serious shooter. The tools in this kit are designed to the precise specifications required for effective cleaning of a .50 caliber handgun or rifle. The kit includes a rotating, tough nylon handle with a six-section, 1/4 inch diameter stainless steel rod and brass jag. When combined with the cotton patches and No. 10 Copper Cutter, this kit is proven to offer the most efficient bore cleaning system on the market. For removing stubborn copper metal fouling, a .50 caliber phosphorus bronze brush is also included. The double-ended nylon bristle brush cleans intricate areas, such as the bolt and locking lug. The high-tech TW25 lubricating oil is used on all moving parts and can be placed on the cotton mop to coat an already cleaned bore, making the future cleaning process easier. A silicon gun and reel cloth will remove all fingerprints on the outside of the gun, finishing the cleaning process and leaving the .50 caliber with that “just finished” look. The model number is K-50 and the suggested retail price is $43.76. For more information please contact KleenBore/Armor Holdings Product Company, 13386 International Parkway, Jacksonville FL, 32218. Phone: (904) 741-1780. Fax: (866) 780-6171. They can be located on the web at www.armorholdings.com.


Advanced Technology, Inc. has just introduced their new pistol grip buttstock for the Remington 1100 semi-automatic shotgun. This full length stock features a slim, ergonomically designed, textured pistol grip for maximum control, a 1 inch recoil pad and a sling swivel stud. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. of matt black, glass filled nylon, making it weatherproof, scratchproof and virtually indestructible. The pistol grip features a non-slip pebble grained surface and finger grooves to enhance comfort. It is backed by Advanced Technology, Inc.’s, Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Also available from Advanced Technology for the Remington 1100 are seven and eight-shot 12 gauge magazine extensions, magazine/barrel clamp and a 5-shot shell holder that mounts easily onto the Pistol Grip Buttstock. For more information on these great new products please contact Advanced Technology, Inc., 102 Fairview Drive #400, Versailles, KY 40383. Phone: (859) 873-9877. Fax: (859) 873-6229. They can be found on the web at www.atigunstocks.com.


AAGunsmithing is now manufacturing new towers for the Beta C-Mag to adapt it to several different firearms. They are now making towers to fit the Uzi, Sten and M16 9mm for the MP-5 Beta Mag and a Ruger Mini-14 tower for the AR-15 .223 Beta Mag. They are using quality steel magazines for the 9mm conversions and extra dummy rounds are included as needed. The Uzi tower is based on an IMI 32-round magazine, the M16 9mm uses an IMI Uzi magazine with the magazine catch cut to match the M16 9mm. Sten magazine towers are intended for Sten converted M-11/9’s or Olympic Arms AR-15 9mm uppers for those using the Socom or Kurts Kustom magwell adapter. For the Mini 14 tower they use a Black Warrior magazine. All of their towers are tested on full-auto. Their 9mm towers are all made from steel instead of plastic for years of hard use. They are planning towers for the M-11/9 and the M-10/9mm sub machineguns in the near future. For more information, please contact them at AAGunsmithing, 1929 Western Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102. Phone: (702) 471-7441. Their website is www.aagunsmithing.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V8N10 (July 2005)
and was posted online on May 10, 2013


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