New Review: May 2005
By Chris Choat


XS Sights has just introduced a new model in their already long line of tritium sight systems. The new model fits all AK style rifles. The new sight is a front sight only and consists of a front sight and sight windage drum that is fully adjustable. The new sight contains a tritium vial for low light and night use. It also has a bright white outline for daytime use. It is made from fully machined stress proof steel. The sight comes complete with the above mentioned parts as well as an Allen wrench, locking set screw, Loctite and a sight adjustment tool. The sight is easily installed by the end user by simply replacing the existing sight. For more information on this as well as other models of tritium night sights, please contact XS Sight Systems, Dept. SAR, 2401 Ludelle Street, Fort Worth, TX 76105. Phone: (871) 536-0136. Fax: (800) 734-7939. Their website is www.xssights.com


Corner Shot Holdings, L.L.C., the manufacturer of the Corner Shot line of products that can shoot around corners, is proud to announce the worldwide release of a new product: the “Corner Shot 40” system. This system provides the ability to observe, acquire and engage targets from “around a corner or behind cover” using a 40mm Projectile Launcher. The new model offers the increased firepower, extended range, and enhanced cover fire of a 40mm launcher. This system is also available to police and other law enforcement agencies in 37mm. The Corner Shot system is a high-tech weapon system that enables military, law enforcement and security operators to effectively observe and engage targets from around the corner or behind cover without exposing any part of the operator’s body and thus reducing the liability to the operator. The Corner Shot concept - patented worldwide - has been tested and is currently employed by Special Forces, military units, and law enforcement agencies around the world. The Corner Shot 40 weapon system enables security forces to remain behind cover while engaging targets. The Corner Shot 40 system includes a small, high-resolution video camera and monitor, through which the operator can view targets located “around the corner” in real time. The video camera enables the operator to scan the area “around the corner” or “in the next building” prior to pinpointing and engaging the targets therein. Alternately, the video image may be transmitted to other elements or up linked to a rear area command post or central command. The Corner Shot 40 system enables the operator to view the targets and aim the launcher using the LCD monitor mounted in the rear section of the system. The Corner Shot 40 can utilize a variety of 40mm caliber special-purpose projectiles, such as high-explosive grenades, smoke grenades, illumination grenades with parachute, less/non-lethal fragmentation projectiles, tear gas and OC (irritant) projectiles. All of these munitions may be launched from the left to the right, inside buildings and between buildings, door steps and through door openings, up or down from roof tops in a safe and simple and highly accurate manner. In the meanwhile, the operator can effectively observe and cover a high-risk area without exposing himself to enemy fire. Urban combat operations, especially inside buildings and blocks of buildings, is the single most significant characteristic of urban warfare that sets it apart from all other warfare types. This has necessitated the development of purpose-specific weapon systems, in order to provide a satisfactory solution to the specialized problems of this type of warfare. The all-new Corner Shot40 addresses many of these problems and offers solutions unavailable up until today. The Corner Shot 40 affords the combat units devastating firepower, pinpoint accuracy while “Around-the-Corner” allowing the operators to defeat vehicles, enemy emplacements, massive suppressive cover fire as well as a highly effective smoke screen. Use of the Corner Shot 40 system will reduce the liability of the operators in the field or theater of operation. For more information, please contact Corner Shot Holdings, LLC, Dept, SAR, The Four Seasons Tower, 1441 Brickell Ave., Suite 1430, Miami, FL 33131. Phone: (305) 416-0508. Fax: (305) 416-0509. Their website is www.cornershot.com.


Pelican Products, a leading manufacturer of safety approved, technically advanced flashlights as well as their legendary firearms cases, is now introducing the M1 and M3 LED task lights. Both lights feature a side-located button for easy one-handed operation and are constructed of nearly indestructible CNC machined aluminum with a no-slip knurled diamond pattern, anodized finish. They are both powered by CR123 lithium batteries that have an extremely long shelf life and offer exceptional performance in extreme temperature conditions. The M1 LED has a 1-watt Luxeon LED that blasts 26 lumens of light for up to three hours of battery burn time. The M3 LED utilizes a 3-watt super bright Luxeon III Led to cast 56 lumens of light for more that 6 hours of battery burn time. As with all Pelican products, the M1 and M3 LEDs are both backed by their Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence, “You Break It, We Replace It...Forever.” For more information on these as well as their other high quality lights, please contact them at Pelican Products, Inc., Dept. SAR, 23215 Early Ave., Torrance, CA 90505. Phone: (310) 326-4700. Fax: (310) 326-3311. They can be located on the web at www.pelican.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V8N8 (May 2005)
and was posted online on May 24, 2013


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