New Review: February 2005
By Chris Choat


With the requirements of law enforcement and military maneuvers in mind, B-Square introduces their new tactical bipod. Its one-of-a-kind springless design features swift and quiet deployment for tactical stealth and speedy operation. Built to withstand the demanding conditions of field use, this bipod features a unique leg-locking cam system for unsurpassed strength and stability on uneven terrain and provides a solid foundation for the heaviest of firearms. Bipod legs swiftly and silently swing open and easily lock into variable positions at heights from 7.5 to 11 inches. Simple to transport at 8 ounces in weight, and exhibiting a sleek, no-snag design, the B-Square tactical bipod also features distinctly designed clamping plates, which conform to the contour of the gun allowing for a snug secure grip in all conditions. Available at your local law enforcement dealer now. Suggested retail price is just $129.95. For more information, please contact Armor Holdings Products, Dept. SAR, 13386 International Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32218. Phone: (904) 741-5400. Fax: (904) 741-5404. They may be found on the web at www.armorholdings.com.


LaserMax is expanding their product line to include the world’s first integrated solid-state laser/light accessory made exclusively for shotguns. The incredibly rugged LMS-1202 has no fragile filament to break and will revolutionize the way Remington shotguns are equipped for Law Enforcement, Military and Special Ops. The LMS-1202 combines a 5mW high-visibility pulsing red LaserMax laser sight with a new, tactical-brightness, solid-state white diode light in a compact and virtually indestructible unit. The LaserMax Tactical Light/Laser Combo clamps onto a two or more round magazine extension tube, cradling the barrel. The slim profile of the LMS-1202 has no appendages to snag or be damaged. It is drop proof, recoil proof, and uses standard 10-year shelf life lithium batteries. It includes a built-in battery test feature, assuring that the LMS-1202 will never leave you in the dark. LaserMax began research and development of the LMS-1202 prototype in response to requests from patrol officers and special ops groups who carry out searches and arrests in low-light situations. These officers found that managing a separate light while operating a shotgun is nearly impossible, and shotgun light accessories were fragile, as well as cost-prohibitive, for many departments. The resulting laser/light combination has proven to be every bit as tough, if not tougher, than the shotgun it is mounted on. With no fragile filament to break or burn out, the unit will defy even the roughest handling by officers in the field. During torture tests, the LMS-1202 was repeatedly dropped from six feet, muzzle-down, onto concrete. While the shotgun stock splintered into pieces, the LaserMax LMS-1202 Combat Laser/Light emerged unscathed. Retail for the new laser/light is only $399.00. For more information, contact LaserMax, Inc., Dept. SAR, 3495 Winton Place, Rochester, NY 14623. Phone: (585) 272-5420. Fax: (585) 272-5427. They are on the web at www.lasermaxusa.com.


StonyCreek Armory is now manufacturing drum magazines in various capacities for several of your favorite submachine guns as well as semi-autos. They have 72-round 9mm drums for the MAC-11/9, Smith & Wesson 76, Steyr AUG 9mm, Colt AR-15/M-16 9mm, TEC 9, UZI, H&K MP-5 series and more. The drums are manufactured from modified Suomi drums with the appropriate “feed tower” welded on. Suomi drums are very well made and extremely reliable so they are a natural for the basis of the new drums. StonyCreek has also come up with what they call their “barrel melter” drums. These consist of two Suomi drums fastened together with one common feed tower. The finished product holds an unbelievable 144 rounds of 9mm ammo! They have also just introduced their new .45ACP drums. These drums are available for most .45ACP firearms including Grease guns, Thompsons, MAC-10 .45’s, Reisings and Glock pistols. These drums hold 56 rounds. As they are making these drums to fit Grease guns they would also work in H&K USCs equipped with the Special Weapons Grease gun magazine well conversion. StonyCreek Armory also has several other innovative firearm accessories such as their M-11/9 rate accelerator which will boost the cyclic rate of your M-11/9 to around 1,900 round per minute. Look for an article on their new drums in an upcoming issue of Small Arms Review. StonyCreek Armory will even custom make drums for firearms not listed as time permits. The drums are all steel with TIG welded construction and a parkerized finish. The .45 drums feature a special Deldrin internal feed spiral for smooth cartridge delivery. For more information on all of their great new products, please contact them at StonyCreek Armory, Dept. SAR, 994 North Colony Road, PMB-345, Wallingford, CT 06492. Phone or Fax: (203) 238-3200. They have a great website with lots of photos at www.stonycreekarmory.com.


Cherokee Accessories has just introduced their newest cheekpiece in their already extensive line. The new cheekpiece is designed to fit the HK 91, G-3, 93, 33, 53 and MP5 firearms with the standard A2 (non-collapsing) stock. It will also fit the Cetme series of rifles. The cheekpiece can be customized to lock on to any of the above firearms. On the inner side of the cheekpiece there are a series of plastic pins in various locations. These locations match up with the take down pin retaining holes in the stocks. You simply locate the pins you need for the stock you plan on using it on and trim away the others with a sharp knife. The new cheekpiece then just snaps on and is held in place by the pins. It fits very secure but can be removed instantly if not needed. The new cheekpiece raises the shooters face to be perfectly in line for most optics. It is made from super tough urethane with a texture and color that matches the HK plastic perfectly. This new urethane is so tough that it has replaced the cast iron wheels in ore carts used for mining. It outlasts the cast iron wheels and also eliminates noise and spark danger. The new cheekpiece also features a waterproof storage compartment that can hold optic batteries or small parts. It carries a lifetime warranty, and best of all, it’s made right here in the good old USA. For more information on this and other cheekpieces, please contact Cherokee Accessories, Dept. SAR, P. O. Box 6999, Gardnerville, NV 89460. Phone or Fax: (775) 265-3370. Their website is www.cheekpieces.com.


Buffer Technologies recently introduced an addition to its extensive line of recoil buffers. The newest member of the Buffer family is for the SIG 220 and 226 models. The SIG recoil buffer was developed in response to market demand and fits all calibers of SIG 220 and 226 models, including the 9mm, .357Sig, .40 S&W and .45ACP. The buffer was tested extensively by firing several thousand rounds through different calibers of SIG, according to Larry Bullock, President of Buffer Technologies. Like other Buffer Technologies products, the SIG recoil buffer works by cushioning the recoil from firing with a high-density, shock-absorbing polyurethane. Eliminating the metal-to-metal impact of the slide as it hits the frame improves both gun life and use. Over time, this continued force and impact can weaken the slide and jar internal workings of the gun, which can lead to cracks or potential malfunction. The SIG recoil buffer is somewhat unique in that it includes a stainless steel guide rod with a slide bushing. Unlike most other SIG recoil buffers, the Buffer Technologies buffer changes out only the guide rod. The manufacturer-designed spring is retained. The Buffer Technologies SIG recoil buffer retails for $24.95; a cost less than half that of many other after-market buffer products. In addition to the SIG 220/226, Buffer Technologies offers recoil buffers for the Ruger 10/22, Ruger Mini-14/30, M1A/M14, FN/FAL L1A1, SKS, HK G3/91 93, Model 1911 and clones, MAC-10/11 and all Kalashnikov-style weapons. For more information, please contact Buffer Technologies, Dept. SAR, P.O. Box 104903, Jefferson City, MO 65110. Phone: (573) 634-8529. Fax: (573) 634-8522. They are located on the Internet at www.buffertech.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V8N5 (February 2005)
and was posted online on June 14, 2013


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