SITREP: January 2005
By Dan Shea

What a pleasure the whole voting day was. Aside from being stressed out over the bogus exit polls, the fact that it was over by noon the next day with John Kerry graciously conceding was a relief. I really hadn’t expected him to do that after the Gore incident, but the Republican win was overwhelming. George W. Bush is back in office, the Senate going up four Republican seats in their majority, and up three in the House. Over the next four years Bush will probably appoint three or four Supreme Court Justices. We have it made.


If there is any price for complacency, it is usually evident in the rear view mirror. Let’s try real hard to not be looking back at another Assault Weapon Ban, or High Cap Mag ban, or a new variation of Black Monday - May 19, 1986. Remember that President George W. Bush said he would sign the extension of the Assault Weapon Ban if it got to his desk, and President Ronald Reagan did, in fact, sign the 1986 ban on manufacturing machine guns for private ownership.

As the young men and women in our armed forces are overseas fighting to bring freedom to Iraq and to vanquish our foes, we stand to lose more freedom here. We need to be ever vigilant on this issue. Every time there is a tragedy involving firearms that can be exploited, the likes of Michael Moore and Chuck Schumer are there to chip away at our freedom. Their agenda is clear, and many times our leaders will bend or sway with the political wind. We need to stay strong and attentive on this, and defend our Constitution.

What’s the best way to defend the Second Amendment? It is to stick together and pay attention. When we fight amongst ourselves, it weakens us. When we do it publicly, it puts chinks in the armor that the mad dog liberals leap on and exploit. If you have issues with the NRA, then settle it in the back room. If you have issues with other gun owners, settle it in the back room. We need to present a united front to the anti Constitutional forces in our country.

We are not always going to agree on every subject, either. I am certain that I have views on assorted issues that would be considered “Liberal” by many in our community and “fringe right conservative” by others. I love the diversity of a discussion with educated, thoughtful people, working things out, and get bored to tears when everyone sits around and agrees on every issue. Our differences of opinion are the spice in a day. However, most of us agree on the core issues regarding Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and the “Liberal” disease that eats away at the personal responsibility necessary for true freedom. That personal responsibility includes the private ownership of military weapons, and the exercise of restraint in their use.

To our European and other readers outside of the United States, I know Americans are considered “Cowboys” in many countries. While the stereotype of a gunslinger rings true in some ways, I would remind you of the siren song of big socialist government that has killed more than a hundred million in the last century alone. Americans traditionally do not look to our government to solve our problems for us, and every time we do, we are weaker for that. Our roots are in Rugged Individualism - our ancestors made their ways from YOUR countries to here, to taste the freedom, the fruit of their own labors. I invite you to consider that a bully, when confronted, usually folds up and loses, and when the bully continues to fight, he loses the flavor for it. International Terrorism is such a bully, and we are presently rolling in the gravel with him with the intention of killing him. Join us in standing up against that bully, and you will be stronger for it as well.

And, last but not least, join us in a celebration of our military history - the Small Arms Review Gun Show in Phoenix on December 3, 4 and 5, is occurring as you read this. If you get this in time, then come to the machine gun shoot in Wikieup, Arizona on the Tuesday and Wednesday preceding our show. This is being put on by MG Shooters LLC, and you can get more info at www.mgshooters.com. I went to one of their shoots this year, and met wonderful people, saw very interesting firearms, and generally had a great time shooting away at the targets. -Dan

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V8N4 (January 2005)
and was posted online on June 21, 2013


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