by Timothy Kast

Every shooter, at some time or other, requires really good gun oil. With the wide array of products on the market, the question becomes, which one? There are always adequate oils for everyday shooting chores, and another fancier grade for collector guns, then a different choice altogether for military weapons. Wouldn’t it be nice to chuck them all for one central quality lube that worked well on everything?

I was first introduced to TW-25B while on board one of Naval Special Warfare’s Mark Vs. While the crew was preparing the boat, the weapon’s chief was mounting the Ma Deuce Brownings and the 40mm grenade launchers in the aft pintles. After settling each gun into its mount, they would go over the entire firearm using a strange white grease and an aerosol spray of gun oil. The spray was unusual in that it dried to a matte, or dry finish, whereas most gun aerosols leave a shiny, wet residue on everything. Upon returning to the slip, I examined the parkerized finish on the weapons. To my surprise, the ocean’s salt water was beaded up on the barrels as if they had been waxed. On removal, a quick wipe-down was all that was needed before securing the weapons. That crew had been using TW-25B.

TW-25B is a non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-toxic lubricant that is unaffected by climatic conditions, dust and sand particles, or salt water. It has shown to eliminate galling in stainless steel, and has been proven to reduce carbon, copper, and lead build-up. It is ideal for black powder and military corrosive powders. It was developed to fulfill the rugged challenges of extreme environmental conditions while greatly enhancing the load bearing capability of the treated surface. Every instance where another lube had done an adequate job, TW-25B markedly excelled in that same scenario. I have routinely used WD-40 to coat freshly parkerized gun parts after refinishing. WD-40 is inexpensive and sold nearly everywhere. I have found, however, that TW-25B seals the open pores of the metal more efficiently so recoating is less of an issue. Where other lubes evaporate or wear off, TW-25B remains in place, especially in adverse conditions.

Reassembly of parkerized parts is made easier when the components have a thin coat of the TW-25B grease applied throughout the reassembly process. This is especially true when the firearm in question is being stored away for long periods of time. Corrosion is nonexistent when used in place of cosmoline or heavy grease. Cosmoline usually requires a lengthy cleaning regimen, whereas a gun treated with TW-25B can be pressed into service without further attention.

Barrels have often been the subject of controversy. Some people advise against the use of a petroleum based product on the bore of a barrel; yet neglect, rust and corrosion can easily pit a bore beyond salvage. The instructions for TW-25B recommend using this product in the bore. The manufacturer states that it will improve bore accuracy and actually increase muzzle velocity. I have personally used the spray on a clean patch run through the bore, and on guns that will be stored. I lightly lubricate a patch or mop with the TW-25B grease, then gently pass it through the bore. Naturally, as with any final exercise such as cleaning and lubricating a firearm, you would want to check the finished bore with a bore light to confirm a clean and unobstructed barrel. It is very long-lasting and will not freeze, wash off, or even burn off in between cleanings.

As a smith, I have observed that an alarming amount of malfunctioning firearms can be traced to a lack of lubrication on the moving parts of the gun. Magazines are often the most neglected. Take the floor-plate off a number of magazines and you will find a rusty, corroded mess. Neglecting lubrication for fear of attracting grit or sand, they can seize from a number of different causes including dried perspiration, rainwater, and surprisingly, grit. TW-25B when sprayed onto the magazine spring, the inside of the mag body and the follower will impart a dry film of lubrication that will prevent malfunctions. The outside of the magazine can also benefit from an application of this lubricant to make this part of your firearm more weather resistant.

In various discussions concerning gun lubes, many enthusiasts ask how long have you used a particular product and been pleased with it, and what type of scenarios have you used it in? My experience with TW-25B spans approximately seven years or more. I have employed it as both a spray, and a grease, in almost every conceivable manner within the firearms industry. It is particularly adept as a penetrant to access areas that a regular lube could not be worked into. It dries to a flat finish that will repel rain, sweat or salt water and can be restored simply by wiping with a paper towel or shop rag. The grease can be used on exterior surfaces of a parkerized firearm as a final seal in inclement weather. It has wide operating temperature range that encompasses -90° to + 450° Fahrenheit. Lubrication occurs microscopically, so there is penetration to the metal pores of the gun. Petro-Lubricant Testing Labs in Wharton, New Jersey repeatedly certified TW-25B to qualify under the United States Navy’s stringent FTM-4001 Test. This test, which requires the lubricant to be applied to a steel plate and subjected to a 5% salt fog for 500 hours, resulted in no rust and no corrosion. The superior properties of TW-25B have been discovered and specified by a number of military contractors and firearms experts worldwide, including the US Army Missile Command, US Army Special Forces, US Navy, US Navy SEALs, US Marine Corps, FBI Academy, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Gunsite Academy, Fabrique Nationale, Sigarms, Glock, Raytheon, United Defense, Dillon Aero, Knights Armament, General Dynamics Armament Division, Colt Mfg., Olympic Arms, Oto Melara, Para Ordnance Mfg., Sig Sauer & Son, Smith & Wesson and throughout law enforcement. TW-25B is formally specified for military use under the Defense Logistic Agencies National Stock Number (NSN). The sponsoring of those NSNs was pressed forward by the United States Navy. The National Stock numbers are listed below.

TW-25B (syringe)
NSN 9150-01-448-2266

TW-25B (1.5 oz. tube)
NSN 9150-01-439-0859

TW-25B (4 oz tube)
NSN 9150-01-439-1873

TW-25B (16 oz caulking tube)
NSN 9150-01-439-1864

TW-25B (16 oz zerk tube)
NSN 9150-01-439-0857

TW-25B (16.9 fl. oz spray)
NSN 9150-01-448-2298

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This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V7N12 (September 2004)
and was posted online on July 26, 2013


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