Breaking News: Master Gunsmith Matt Babb receives Prestigious Award while in UK
By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

July 2013- Master Gunsmith Matt Babb was on TDY in the UK, and the Staff at the Shrivenham Small Arms Collection decided to participate in a special recognition ceremony for an award of the prestigious Purple Target. Master Gunsmith Phil Harding (Left) and Lt Col (Retd) John Starling (Right) participated in presenting the brass plaque to commemorate the occasion that inspired the award- rumoured to involve a Hi Standard Military H-D Suppressed and “that damnable spring” and a finger.

The plaque contains the following verse:

“On this floor soaks the blood of young Master Babb,
Whilst working on guns he received such a stab;
That England’s providers were stunned by the flow,
And bravely they struggled, persevered and did sew.
The Lesson Learned here from the sharp cutting blade,
Is that proper tool usage, precludes poems made.”


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