Press Release: New 40mm ammunition for Australia from ST Kinetics
By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

New 40mm ammunition for Australia

DSEI, London, 11th September 2013 - Australian Munitions and Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) have signed an agreement to cooperate in Australia and New Zealand for the development, manufacturing and marketing of ST Kinetics’ world-leading 40mm low velocity, extended range, and air bursting ammunition.

The two companies will focus on making new 40mm capabilities available to the Australian Department of Defence and establishing supply from within Australia. They will also look to introduce an innovative supply chain approach which includes reciprocation of supply.

ST Kinetics designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of 40mm weapons and ammunition, Fire Control Units and ammunition as systems, and has an unrivalled pedigree in this essential battlefield capability. Its innovative 40mm ammunition solutions also include air bursting, camera surveillance and even self-destruct rounds. The company’s 40mm ammunition is currently in service with a number of ABCA (American, British, Canadian, Australian) countries.

About ST Kinetics
ST Kinetics (Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. It is one of Asia’s leading land systems and specialty vehicles companies, delivering smart engineering solutions since 1967 for the commercial, defence and homeland security markets. With more than 7,000 employees worldwide and revenue of over S$1.5b in FY2012, ST Kinetics delivers products and solutions to end users in more than 40 countries around the world; helping to maintain the peace of nations and increasing the productivity of businesses involved in earthmoving, road construction and goods distribution. www.stengg.com

About Australian Munitions
Australian Munitions is the largest manufacturer and supplier of explosive ordnance in Australia, with a successful track record delivering ammunition, propellants, explosives and related services to the Australian Defence Force. Australian Munitions produces high quality propellant and ammunition for military and civilian domestic and international customers, and is also a principal supplier of small arms ammunition to the New Zealand Defence Force.

Australian Munitions is part of Thales’s global network of explosive ordnance expertise, which includes Thales Advanced Weapon Systems, Thales Missile Electronics, Junghans Microtec, TDA Armements and Forges de Zeebrugge (FZ). It has also formed strategic partnerships with renowned world-class companies: US-based General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Norway’s Nammo and Winchester Australia.

Press contacts:

ST Kinetics

Hanli Tan
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Thales Australia
Julian Elliott
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