New Review: November 2013
By Chris A. Choat

LAN World Announces New Standard In AR-15 Magazines

LAN World, Inc. is excited to announce the importation and distribution of the new AR-15 rifle magazines from Hera Arms, Germany. These 30-round magazines feature a rear window that allows the operator to view the actual round count while the weapon is in use. There are currently two styles being imported: 30-round black with or without site window. The new magazines are made from polycarbonate and have molded-in gripping surfaces. The windowed mags have round count marks at the 20- and 30-round positions and the window is smoke colored. This new magazines sets the standard in AR-15 magazines, especially with the current supply and demand issues of 30-round magazines in the U.S. “With the release of the completely new design as well as the rear site window we believe this to be the new standard for AR-15 magazines" says Chris Bieling, President of LAN World, Inc. The magazines are typical of German engineering and styling. Forward looking plans call for other capacities as well as for other colors. Hera Arms has long been known for their innovative accessories as well as upper and lower receivers for the AR-15/M16 platform of rifles. The new magazines will retail for $24.95 for the windowed and $18.95 for the windowless. LAN World, Inc. will be the exclusive importer and distributor for the new magazines. The e-company is also behind the 2012 executive survivor's kit. For more information please contact them at Lan World, Inc., 12351 South Gateway Park Place, Suite D-700, Draper, UT 84020. Phone (801) 878-4880. Fax: (801) 981-8689. They can be found on the web at www.lanworldinc.com.

MasterPiece Arms Introduces New MPA Side Folder Stock Kit

MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of semiautomatic submachine pistols and carbines, is pleased to announce the new MPA Side Folder Assembly Kit with Stock. The assembly kit includes a side folder mechanism, L-Bracket, a stock adaptor with 1 3/16 thread (accepts any AR-15 buffer tube), fasteners and the MPA low profile stock. This complete system will allow an individual to attach the MPA Side Folding Stock to an MPA Carbine. The stock will fold toward the shooters left side, away from the ejection port. The side folder locks in both the "open" and "closed" position. The new stock will be available for the 9mm / 5.7 caliber or .45 ACP caliber guns. The 9mm version will fit any 9mm or 5.7x28mm MPA Carbine (MPA930sst, 20sst, 5700sst). The .45 ACP version will fit any 1sst Carbine (1sst). This item, when added to any MPA Pistol, it will convert the weapon into an SBR. A tax stamp will be required to add this item to an MPA Pistol. NFA rules and law apply. Check with your local Class II dealer for details. The MSRP is $129.99. For more information contact them at MasterPiece Arms, 4904 Hwy 98 East, Comer, GA 30629. Phone: (770) 832-9430. Fax: (770) 832-3495. On the web at: www.masterpiecearms.com.

New TacProGear Tactical Rolling Luggage Bag

The new TacProGear Tactical Rolling Luggage Bag is a carry-on size traveler's constant companion. The bag features distinctive dual external zippered pockets with a MOLLE spine in between for the addition of small pouches or carabineer held items such as a water bottle. The bag is built to withstand rugged handling with reinforced edges and slide rails. The high-strength polycarbonate wheels can withstand miles of travel over hard surfaces or debris. The unit’s retractable handle is ambidextrous and the interior mesh-lined pockets allow for quick access to supplies. The 22" x 14" x 10" carry-on size bag is durable enough to accommodate any size load. The new bag is available in black and has an MSRP of $187. Contact: TacProGear, 755 NW 17th Ave., Suite 106, Delray Beach, FL 33445. Phone: (561) 865-7279. Website: www.tacprogear.com.

New Black Label Tactical Clothing From Browning

Browning has added an extensive line of tactical shirts and pants to their line of Black Label products for 2013. This line of clothing is practical for competition shooters, law enforcement and citizens interested in concealed carry. Included in the line are tactical pants, shirts and polos. The Tactical Pants are made from 100% cotton canvas fabric and the Tactical Pro Pants are made form a lightweight poly/cotton ripstop fabric. Both pants feature a gusset crotch, knee pad pockets, accessory side pockets, zippered side pockets and knife clip overlay on front pockets. Both pants are available black, sand, forest and desert brown colors. Available in long and short sleeve, the Tactical Shirts are made from a lightweight cotton/spandex fabric and available in black, sand, forest and desert brown colors. The Snapshot hidden magnetic center button allows for fast access to shoulder holster. The tactical shirt has a vented back and internal REACTAR G2 pad pocket. Available in black, sand and forest colors, the Performance Polo Shirt is made from wrinkle resistant polyester and the Cotton Polo Shirt is made from 100% cotton. Both polo's feature internal REACTAR G2 pad pocket and ConcealAccess split sides with hook and loop closures and lower placket microphone clip loop. The Performance Polo also features a pen pocket on the left sleeve and vented back. The Black Label Performance T-Shirts are made with polyester knit fabric with moisture wicking properties. Available in black long and short sleeve versions, these shirts are ideal to wear with duty uniform, body armor, or web gear. For more information you can contact them at Browning, 1 Browning Place, Morgan, UT 84050. Phone: (801) 876-2711. On the web at: www.browning.com.

Bushnell Has New Digital Camera Binocular

Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry leader in high performance sports optics for 65 years, has introduced a new 8x30mm digital camera binocular. The new ImageView 8x30mm combines eight-power magnification optics with a camera that delivers both high resolution photos and high definition (HD) video, allowing users to capture incredible images with clarity and ease. Bushnell has combined its 65-year history in optical engineering with cutting-edge digital imaging technology to develop the ImageView Binocular. From tactical use to surveillance or even sporting events, the ImageView 8x30mm binoculars are perfect for every photo-worthy scenario. The ImageView Binocular is built with a compact roof prism design and features BK-7 prisms and fully-coated lenses. The integrated 12MP digital camera captures high-quality, vivid images and 720p HD video. At 13.5 ounces, the ImageView is light enough to carry all day and easy to hold steady when capturing images or video anywhere. Compatible with up to a 32GB SD card, users can capture thousands of images, more than two hours of HD video or a combination of both thanks to its expansive memory capacity. The tripod adaptable ImageView has a built-in USB port, giving users a quick, easy way to download data or display photos and video on a TV or monitor. It is available at a retail price of $287.95, and includes a remote shutter release cable and a USB cable. For more information please contact them at Bushnell Outdoor Products, 9200 Cody Street, Overland Park, KS, 66214. Phone: (913) 752-3400. On the web at www.bushnell.com.

Auto Ordnance Re-Introduces The Thompson Custom 1911TC

USA based Kahr Firearms Group is proud to announce the re-introduction of the Thompson Custom 1911TC with stainless steel frame and slide. The pistol was first introduced in early 2008 with a limited production run of 100 units. After the 2008 presidential election, production shifted away from the 1911TC in order to meet increasing high demand for concealed carry pistols. Improved manufacturing processes over the past 5 years, including the use of high-precision equipment with fewer set-ups, has reduced the cost to appeal to consumers without sacrificing quality or consistency in the performance. The Thompson Custom 1911 frame is made from 420 stainless steel casting and the slide features a solid stainless steel billet. The 1911TC features black low-profile front and rear iron sights that are dovetailed into the slide. The ejection port is flared and the slide has front and rear serrations machined at a slight angle. The mainspring housing is checkered and the front strap is machined checkered at 20 lines per inch. Additional features include an adjustable trigger, combat hammer, full-length recoil guide rod, extended beavertail grip safety; extended magazine release; checkered laminate grips and a checkered slide stop lever. The .45 ACP has a 5 inch barrel; the length is 8.5 inches overall and weighs just 39 ounces. The 1911TC is shipped with one 7-round magazine. Finishing features include an attractive matte finish on the frame and slide and the markings are laser-engraved, including the distinctive Thompson bullet logo on the slide, and a Thompson bullet logo inlay on the grip. For more information on the complete line of Auto Ordnance products you can contact them at Kahr Arms, 130 Goddard Memorial Drive, Worchester, MA 01603. Phone: (508) 795-3919. On the web at www.auto-ordnance.com.

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