New Review: May 2003

By Chris A. Choat


SIDEARMOR, LLC has introduced a new line of precision-engineered products aimed at law enforcement and military special unit operators. Removable Ambidextrous Integrated Design (RAID) products provide alternative equipment mounting systems for AR-15/M16 type carbines and rifles. The core of the RAID mounting system builds on a removable mount that fits either the forearm or on the barrel just forward of the gas block. The Fore Grip Collar Mount locates at the mid-point of the AR-15 foregrip and offers a mounting point for tactical lights, Laser sights and other equipment. The Forward Multi-Rail Mount permits locating similar light and Laser equipment just forward of the foregrip in a more traditional location. Each mount provides multiple locations for integral rails of various lengths and profiles. Either mount will accommodate battle-proven tactical lights and sights such as the Insight Laser Units and Illuminators or the SureFire Lights and Lasers. Exact locations of the lights/lasers can be adjusted by using various height and length rails to position switches at the point most comfortable for the shooter. All materials that go into the RAID Systems mounts are selected to provide strength and improve the integrity of the weapon system, from the 6061 aircraft grade aluminum to the type 3 hard black anodizing. Medium height or low profile MIL-STD-1913 rails can be attached to either mount in many positions to give the user a wide variety of mount locations for any operation. Additional rails can also be attached at several locations. For more information contact SIDEARMOR LLC, Dept. SAR, 11029 North 24th Ave., Suite 803, Phoenix, AZ 85029; phone: 1-602-371-3117; fax: 1-602-371-4629.


TangoDown LLC, a company that offers very innovative battle-proven equipment has just introduced another new product. Their new BATTLEGRIP Storage System is a battery storage device integrated into a comfortable ergonomically designed grip for the AR-15/M16 series of rifles or for that matter any rifle that uses that grip. The new grip is designed to hold two AA, N or 123 series lithium batteries of your choice plus two DL-1 Aimpoint-type batteries all secured under a water, dust and rattle proof easy access cover. If your tactical situation requires you to use LED red dot sights, Night Vision Devices, High-Intensity White Light or IR and Visible Laser Aimers the new BattleGrip can hold extra batteries for them. The new BattleGrip comes with foam spacers so that any combination of batteries can be stored inside. It also comes with a new grip screw and lock washer as well as the proper Allen head wrench for easy installation. The Flexible Elastomer Cover is impervious to cleaning solvents and lubricants and is designed to take a pounding. The grip housing itself is injection molded of ultra-high impact re-enforced resin that has a tensile strength approaching that of aircraft grade aluminum. The grip has an ergonomic shape and a black pebble grain for secure gripping. For more information on this and other innovative products contact TangoDown LLC, Dept. SAR, 884 North Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103; phone: 1-626-396-9847; fax: 1-626-396-9848; website: www.tangodownllc.com.


Black Hills Ammunition has introduced a new high velocity .223 intended for varmint hunting. The new load uses the extremely accurate Nosler 40-grain Ballistic Tip? bullet. With a velocity of 3,600 fps, this combination is deadly on prairie dogs and other small varmints. Black Hills is offering this loading in both new ammunition and their economical remanufactured ammunition lines. For more information on this and all of their other exceptional ammunition, contact, Black Hills Ammunition, Dept. SAR, P.O. Box 3090, Rapid, City, SD, 57709; phone: 605-348-5150; fax: 605-348-9827; website is www.black-hills.com. http://www.black-hills.com/


Cold Steel has announced the introduction of a new folding lock blade knife series that is optimized for hikers, hunters, campers, fishermen and outdoorsmen. The new Trail Guide series are the ideal companion for anyone who spends time in the field. The knives are designed to quickly and easily complete a myriad of tasks, but are also durable enough for the professional guide, hunter or fisherman who must depend on a knife for difficult tasks. The Trail Guide is available with either clip or drop point blade, has a 5-inch checkered Valox® handle for a sure grip, wet or dry. Cold Steel’s Medium Trail Guide features a 2 5/8-inch blade while the Large Trail Guide has a 3 3/4-inch blade. The blades are constructed from Carbon V® steel, which provides a long-lasting edge, but is easy to resharpen when necessary. Both models feature a thumbhole for easy one-handed opening, a belt clip for added security and convenience, plus Cold Steels’ renowned locking mechanism for maximum strength. Like all Cold Steel folding knives, they are protected by Cold Steel’s exclusive one-year warranty. For more information on these and all other Cold Steel’s line of premium knives contact Cold Steel, Dept. SAR, 3036-A Seaborg Ave., Ventura, CA 93003; phone: 1-800-255-4716; website: www.coldsteel.com.


Dan Wesson has announced the introduction of an all-new .45 ACP 1911-style semiautomatic pistol line. The new Dan Wesson Firearms Patriot Expert and Patriot Marksman are machined from steel forgings and contain many custom features. These models are positioned to compete at the top end of the 1911 market. To ensure flawless feeding with a wide range of ammunition, the Patriot models come equipped with a Chip McCormick® new generation Power Mag 8® stainless steel magazine. The Power Mag 8 is the culmination of McCormick’s 20 years in designing and producing aftermarket 1911 magazines and is considered my many of today’s shooters to be simply the strongest, most reliable 1911 magazine ever made. The Patriot models are precision machined to tolerances significantly tighter than milspec, resulting in a fit, feel and out-of-the-box accuracy found only in expensive custom 1911’s. They also boast many custom features, including beveled magazine-well, relief cut under the trigger, lowered and flared ejection port, high sweep beavertail safety clearance and exotic exhibition grade coco bolo grips with diamond hand cut checkering. Both Patriot Expert and Patriot Marksman are full sized models and are available in either blued chrome moly steel or stainless steel. Suggested retail prices will range from $879 to $1,295. For more information contact Dan Wesson Firearms, Dept. SAR, 119 Kemper Lane, Norwich, NY 13815. Phone: 1-607-336-1174. Fax: 1-607-336-2730.Website:www.danwessonfirearms.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V6N8 (May 2003)
and was posted online on November 22, 2013


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