SITREP: February 2003

By Dan Shea

I would like all of the readers to give a warm welcome to Peter G. Kokalis in his new position as our Managing Editor. Peter has had a long and exciting career in photojournalism, as well as the requisite degrees in English composition (B.A.) and the physical sciences (M.S.) necessary to take on the job, and over twenty years experience as the Technical Editor of Soldier of Fortune magazine, as well as experience around the world. As such, he brings a wealth of experience to editing a magazine. When you combine his background with his passion for the history and technology of military small arms, you have a perfect match. Peter has been with SAR for almost two years now, and he has fit into our editorial focus quite well, with outstanding in-depth articles on everything from 1920s machine guns to modern small arms, and in addition; his side articles on museums as well as accessories have been authoritative and interesting.

Our focus remains on military small arms, in all of their facets from the antique to the modern. Peter and I have gone over the editorial mix for the next three months, and I think that you, our readers, will look back from that future point and agree that we have more than “moved up a notch.”

We will have great articles on antique machine guns and the accessories to them, and pieces on the most modern small arms in various military inventories. The newest inventions for military use will be covered, as well as the most innovative in the civilian market - an example is our upcoming world exclusive feature on the “Shrike,” the new belt-fed M16/AR-15 upper receiver from Ares Defense. We will have a fascinating look at the origin and development of submachine guns. We’ll be covering civilian shoots, military inventories, museums, accessories, and historical tidbits on small arms.

I am very excited about the future of SAR. I look forward to being able to concentrate more of my time on the quality and mix of articles we have coming in, as well as spending some more of my time writing articles that have been on the back burner while I was busy editing. I expect that SAR will keep lifting the bar higher for our contributing editors, and I know that Peter and I are already competing with each other regarding who can give the most interesting and in-depth articles to the readers, and from what I am seeing coming in, all of our contributing editors are taking up the challenge as well.

It is our sincere hope that you, the readers of Small Arms Review, will reap the benefits each and every month. Please continue to send in your ideas of what you would like to see written about.

On another note, I have extended the “Cookies From Home for Shooters” program, and once again I want to let everyone know that all you have to do is email us with a deployed US military service person’s address who you think would appreciate some good reading, and we will send them some copies of SAR to help keep them well read and motivated. Send me an email at sareview@aol.com and we will get it right out to them. Everybody come home safely.

- Dan

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V6N5 (February 2003)
and was posted online on December 13, 2013


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