MLR Distributing - A Little Something for Everybody
By Jeff W. Zimba

It is not uncommon to be contacted by a company asking if we would be interested in looking at their wares for testing and evaluation. When this writer was contacted by MLR Distributing the first question was the same as always: “What is it that you make?” It was the answer received that was apart from the norm. “We make lots of things. We’ll send you a box so you can see for yourself.” The day the box arrived it was obvious why they chose that method.

Upon unpacking the contents the writer was reminded of the earlier days during his real initial interest in military style firearms. Everything was interesting and everything was kind of cool. That was the same impression in looking at the contents of the box.

MLR Distributing manufactures and sells a wide variety of items for several firearm models. All the popular buzz-guns are covered from MACs, Uzis, AR-15s, AK47s, TECs, 10/22s and more. They have all the parts and accessories you may expect to find and several of those you may not expect. Their inventory ranges from grips, stocks and mounts to all the regular thread-on accessories. It also includes a few of the not so common accessories like soda-can and tennis ball launchers, fake suppressors and barrel extensions.

It was one particular line that really caught this writer’s interest though: the 26.5mm and 37mm reloading products. Over the years, 37mm flares and launchers have grown in popularity. Recent foreign imports of inexpensive, high quality 26.5mm launchers are starting to catch up. MLR Distributing offers a rugged line of 37mm launchers as well as a full supply of reloading supplies for both the 37mm and the 26.5mm launchers. The reloadable rounds they make are very durable and high quality and should outlive the owner if treated properly. They also make and sell fused tubes to make reloading easier. They are not a pyro shop and do not carry any chemicals, just the hard to find (especially for the 26.5mm) reloadable shells and components.

My experience with everything tested has been well above initial expectations. Their products are well made and everything works as instructed.

MLR also has an informative, easy to navigate website with all their products listed and accompanied with photos and prices. You can find them at: www.MLRDistributing.com

MLR Distributing, LLC
PO Box 772751
Orlando, FL 32877
(407) 854-1704

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V15N2 (November 2011)
and was posted online on November 1, 2011


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