New Review: May 2002

By Chris A. Choat


V-Line Industries, has just announced the introduction of their newly re-designed Top Draw “pistol safe” Security Case. The new Top Draw is now stronger and even more pry resistant than previous models. It also now has a classic slimmer design. Measuring 12” x 9” x 2.5” deep, the new Top Draw is still large enough to accommodate two handguns with a shipping weight of 10 lbs. V-Line has exaggerated the clamshell design so that the door folds over the body, encompassing it to prevent a prying attack. An inner flange has been added to allow the lock bolt to lock into the body of the case. A 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to the cover guides and strengthens the lock bolt. The new Top Draw features the Simplex(tm) push button lock provides quick and easy access, with a programmable combination. The continuous hinge is staked and welded on one end to prevent pin removal. Foam lining on the top and bottom of the interior holds and protects contents securely in place. The new cases are available in gloss black or ivory powder coated finish, accented with gold tone pinstripe and logo design. V-Line’s new Top Draw model 2912-S is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder. An optional mounting bracket is available to enable the Top Draw to be used in more than one location. For more information on this and other V-Line products contact V-Line Industries, Dept. SAR, 370 Easy Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065. Phone: 1-805-520-4987. Fax: 1-805-520-6470. Their web site is www.vlineind.com.


IRAC, long known for their exacting replicas of full-auto firearms, has now introduced maybe their most exciting new model. The MK-19 Automatic 40MM Grenade Launcher. The MK-19 replica was designed and built using a real MK-19 as a model. This full-size replica is CNC machined from cast aluminum and steel like all other IRAC replicas and is no light weight toy. The replica is as complete as possible with side feed shoot, opening top cover, rear replica sight, spade grips, butterfly spring loaded trigger and charging handles. Also available is the IRAC replica of the MK-64 Cradle Mount with the ammo can mounting plate on the side and a tapered pintle pin. There is also a 10 link dummy ammo belt available. Both the mount and the ammo belt will be offered at an extra cost. The MK-19, like most of IRAC’s replica machine guns, is available in two models. One is a Static Model and the other is a Simulated-Fire Model. The Static Display Model is for show and display for dressing up and completing the looks of a military vehicle. The Simulated-Fire Model is for the person that wants to display their MK-19 as well as make a lot of noise. It uses the IRAC Sim-Fire System which uses oxygen and propane to produce the sound of the real gun, but does not fire any type of ammo or blanks. This is what makes the IRAC Replica Machine Guns classified as Non-Guns as they cannot be made to fire live or blank ammo. For more information contact IRAC, Inc., Dept. SAR, 219-B Pioneer Blvd., Springboro, OH 45066. Phone or Fax: 1-937-743-2240. Web Site: www.iracinc.com.


Advanced Technology, Inc., now announces a new Mauser 98 Stock with Built-In Scope Mount which fits large ring, 7mm or 8mm Mausers 98s with a Standard Bent bolt. Partial list includes German K-98s, Czech VZ-24s, Yugo 24/27s, Yugo 48/48As, Turkish 1903/1937/1938/1946. etc... This new shooter’s design stock has a built-in weaver scope mount for multiple positioning of rifle scopes, a comfortable trigger pull, ergonomic forearm grip, rubber butt pad to reduce recoil and sling swivels studs. This new stock is proudly made in the USA of indestructible, glass-filled nylon. No gunsmithing or modification is requires for large ring, standard bent bolt Mausers. To rear mount a scope, “wide arc” or straight bolt Mausers must be converted to bent bolt. Advanced Technology also offers a Mauser bolt handle to convert to bent bolt in only seven simple steps. The new stock will not fit M38/M96 6.5 x 55 or small ring Mausers. Suggested retail for the new Mauser stock is only $89.99. For more information contact Advanced Technology, Inc., Dept. SAR, 102 Fieldview Drive #400, Versailles, KY 40383. Phone: 1-859-873-9877. Fax: 1-859-873-6229. Their web site is www.atigunstocks.com.

AR-15/M-16 M-4 IN .22 LONG RIFLE

Kuehl Precision Firearms now has a complete M-4 upper that is a dedicated .22 long rifle unit. The new upper use a modified Atchisson .22 kit as a basis for the unit. The design of the Atchisson AR-15/M-16 .22 conversion kit places the .22 LR bolt face 1 1/4” further to the rear than the standard AR-15 design. This allows Kuehl to move the dedicated .22 LR barrel back enough tp produce an M-4 style barrel that is externally only 3/4” longer than the original Colt design. This makes the unit appear to be an exact copy of the 14.5” M-4 but it has a legal 16.1” barrel. Kuehl uses .22 LR barrels that are CNC machined from top quality 4140 or 416 stainless steel barrel blanks with a 1 in 16” twist. A .223 barrel uses a faster twist and a slightly larger bore which translates into excessive leading as well as poor accuracy. The breech end of the Kuehl barrels are designed to mate to the Atchisson .22 LR kit once the chamber adapter is removed and the receiver plate assembly is modified. The barrels are chambered for .22 LR and then air gauged to assure they comply to match grade specs. Finally, the 4140 barrels are finished in a mil-spec manganese phosphate while the 416 stainless steel barrels are left in a natural polished finish. Barrels, when applicable, are equipped with mil-spec forged steel front sight bases properly installed using taper pins. The barrels typically group less than 1” at 50 yards with recommended Federal .22 ammo. Barrel options for other models include 20” 416 SS heavy version and 4140 steel heavy versions in 16” (with either mid or carbine length handguards), a 14.5”/16.1” M-4 unit and NFA versions on 10.5, 8.125 and 5.5625 inch lengths. All units are available in either pre or post ban units. Custom work is also available. The uppers used for the units are FN manufactured A-2 or flat-top A-3 styles and Colt or ASA 9mm styles available as an option. Several handguard options are also available. For more information contact Kuehl Precision Firearms, Dept. SAR, P.O. Box 260, Labiatae, MO 63055. Phone: 1-314-330-2666. Web site: www.kuehlprecisionfirearms.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V5N8 (May 2002)
and was posted online on January 24, 2014


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