New Review: March 2007

By Chris A. Choat

New SCAR Stock for Ruger Mini-14 from Clyde Armory

The S.C.A.R. Stock is a drop-in stock for all variants of the Ruger Mini-14, Mini-30 and AC556. Developed by Clyde Armory, the lightweight machined aluminum chassis has a pistol grip, collapsible M4 stock, polymer hand-guard, and accessory rails on all four sides of the forend to turn your Ruger into a tactical rifle. The stock comes in the anodized black finish only. The suggested retail price for this new stock is $499.99 plus shipping. For more information, contact Clyde Armory, Dept. SAR, 165 Ben Burton Rd. #D, Bogart, GA 30622. Phone: (706) 549-1842. Fax: (706) 549-3232. They can be found on the web at www.policeguns.com.

Ribbed “Krink” Hand Guards from Arsenal Inc.

Introducing Arsenal Inc.’s ribbed Krinkov hand guard sets, incorporating an industry-first hardened and polished stainless steel heat shield. Arsenal worked very closely with K-VAR to make these ribbed Krinkov hand guards the leader in quality, workmanship, durability, and with stunning looks. Never before available in the U.S., these hand guard sets feature raised ribs that greatly enhance shooter comfort as well as providing superior heat dissipation over any other hand guard design. These hand guards meet or exceed military standards and feel great in your hand while offering you the ultimate in functionality. The combination of the increased surface area of the raised ribs and hardened stainless steel heat shield offer unmatched cooling performance; a must during rapid fire shooting and an absolute necessity for Class III firearms. They are constructed using advanced polymers, featuring mil-spec metal inserts, to ensure unmatched quality and durability. They are practically indestructible and will not crack, break, or warp and will last as long as your Krink. These hand guards are unique due to the fact that they wrap around the forward part of your receiver to provide additional support even if your receiver is not exactly cut to spec, and would otherwise show a gap between the receiver and hand guard when used with standard non-wrapping hand guards. These hand guards offer a No-Gap solution to your out-of-spec receiver worries. Equipped with “crush ribs” to ensure a snug fit with all receivers except those that are not in-spec, these hand guards will not come loose, providing your hand guard latch is properly installed. The hand guards are discreetly stamped U.S., with the Arsenal Inc. logo on the inside, and can only be seen with the stainless steel heat shield removed to satisfy the most discriminating collector. They are available in black or plum for stamped receivers or black only for milled receivers. For more information or to place an order, please contact K-VAR Corp., Dept. SAR, 5015 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 125, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Phone: (702) 364-8880. Fax: (702) 643-8860. They are on the web at www.k-var.com.

MKS Supply and Charter Arms Introduce the Police Undercover Revolver

MKS Supply, Inc. and Charter Arms are proud to introduce their newest revolver, the Charter Police Undercover. The six-shot, +P rated .38 Police Undercover features a stainless finish and weighs approximately 20 ounces. The new revolver features fixed sights, standard hammer, soft rubber pancake style grips, and the choice of 2.2 or 4 inch barrels. All these features were designed with law enforcement in mind. “The partnership between Charter and law enforcement goes way back,” says MKS Supply President Charles Brown. “A peace officer demands potent stopping power and, above all, reliability. That’s what the Charter Police Undercover provides.” The new revolver should be shipping by the time you read this. The Police Undercover carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $359. For more information on this new revolver, please contact Charter Arms, Dept. SAR, 273 Canal Street, Shelton, CT 06484. Phone: (203) 922-1652. Fax: (203) 922-1469. Their website is www.charterfirearms.com.

New Submachine Gun Case from Elite Survival Systems

The designers at Elite Survival Systems are pleased to introduce two new Assault Systems submachine gun cases. Made in the USA, these new cases are designed to fit the full-auto FN P90 and the new semi-auto PS90. The cases are constructed of fully-padded 1000 denier nylon inside and out with heavy-duty zippers and hardware. Each has three external magazine pouches and a large accessory pocket. The new cases also feature welded “D” rings and come with a 2 inch wide padded shoulder strap. As with all Elite products, attention to detail and quality of materials make Assault Systems cases second to none. In addition to these new cases, Elite Survival Systems also has a full line of other rifle, submachine gun, discreet cases and gear bags. For more information please contact them at Elite Survival Systems, Dept. SAR, 310 West 12th Street, P.O. Box 245, Washington, MO 63090. Phone: (636) 390-8360. Fax: (636) 390-2977. You can visit their website at www.elitesurvival.com.

CJ Weapons Introduces compact M16/AR-15 Combo Tool

You’re a soldier in the field, trying to keep your gear light. Storage space in your packs is at a premium, and you have a weapon you have to maintain as if your life depends on it - because it does. Those are the conditions that CJ Weapons founder Jon Morgan kept in mind as he developed the MK-16 Combo Tool; conditions familiar to him as a retired U.S. Marine Corps Master Sergeant who served in Somalia and Desert Storm. The new tool debuted at SHOT SHOW. The new tool was designed to be as comprehensive as possible yet still compact, lightweight and portable. The compact 4.5 x 1 inch metal case unfolds to reveal 11 different tools - each measuring no more than 4 inches and each with at least one function important to maintaining the M16, A1, A2, M4 and AR-15. The Combo Tool comes in a black carrying case that can hook onto a belt. The tools include: a carbon scraper, a broken shell extractor, a screwdriver for removing and upgrading the grip, wrench to loosen and tighten the nut for conversion to an M4 stock to meet Army SOP Modifications, a threaded rod to attach a cable with a patch tip and brush to clean the bore, two push pins for the bolt to take the extractor and firing pin out (a roll pin holds the extractor and ejector while knocking out the pin), a brush attachment can be used to clean the firing pin and five-prong and four-prong tools to adjust the A1 and A2 front sites by depressing the detent to raise and reset the site. The entire unit is made of high-grade stainless steel to avoid rust or bending. As the company says, “It’s like a Leatherman on steroids.” The Combo Tool will retail for $124.95. For more information on this innovative new tool please, contact C.J. Weapons Accessories, Dept. SAR, 2634-L Industrial Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109. Phone: (573) 634-2846. Fax: (573) 634-2355. More information is available on its web site at www.cjweapons.com.

Volquartsen Custom Introduces .17 Mach 2 Conversion

Volquartsen Custom is now offering owners of the Ruger Mark II and Mark III pistols an opportunity to re-chamber their .22 LR pistols to the accurate, hard hitting .17 HM2 caliber by using a brand new, precision machined, drop-in conversion kit. The new kit is believed to be the first on the market and turns virtually any Mark II or Mark III into a high performance shooting machine, firing the highly touted .17 HM2 cartridge. The kit includes a precision barreled receiver made by Volquartsen plus an 8 inch digitally gauged heavy match barrel. The barrel and receiver are melded together so smoothly, they appear to be just a single unit. The kit also includes Volquartsen’s own smooth-operating tungsten bolt, complete with a titanium firing pin and a tuned extractor. For more information, please contact them at Volquartsen Custom, Dept. SAR, 24276 240th Street, P. O. Box 397, Carroll, IA 51401. Phone: 1-712-792-4238. Fax: 1-712-792-2542. Their website is: www.volquartsen.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V10N6 (March 2007)
and was posted online on February 7, 2014


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