Modern Day Marine 2010
By Dan Shea

The United States Marine Corps put their best foot forward once again for the 30th annual Modern Day Marine (MDM) show at Quantico, Virginia. This year’s show was very well attended by both vendors and USMC personnel, with many new vendors on display. Over 8,500 attendees, mostly USMC, kept the over 400 booths energized. The discussions at the show had most of the attendees and vendors very pleased and planning on returning the next year. MDM is always a highly rated show for interaction with not only the higher ranked and hopefully decision makers, but with the rank and file Marines. Most vendors are aware that this is what builds their brand as the young Marines move up in rank they remember the lessons learned not only on the battlefield, but on the display floors as well.

There were many booths for organizations supporting the USMC and veterans. One group in particular SAR would like to bring to our readers’ attention: The U.S. Paralympics Military Program. This group is working with the U.S. Paralympics to help sponsor more of the thousands of severely wounded veterans into the active sports programs they provide. www.usparalympics.org or www.semperfifund.org.

AAI LSAT (Lightweight Small Arms Technologies) is a technology based program managed through the Joint Service Small Arms Program Office (JSSAP), located at the Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. The focus of LSAT is:

  • Reduce the weight of weapons carried by warfighters by 35 percent
  • Lower the ammunition weight by more than 40 percent
  • Maintain or improve lethality and reliability over current systems
  • Improve ergonomics and logistics
  • Reduce training and maintenance time

These promising technologies continue to be matured and tested. Current program objectives are to:

  • Develop the cased telescoped ammunition and light machine gun to TRL 7 and conduct an operational demonstration
  • Continue maturation and demonstrations of the caseless ammunition and light machine gun
  • Develop and demonstrate a cased telescoped rifle to TRL 5 (www.aaicorp.com)

Beretta- The TRG Folding Stock can be retrofitted to all TRG precision sniper rifles without any modifications to the weapon itself. Front to rear: PX4 .45 ACP SOCOM trials pistol with Gemtech Blackside suppressor. TRG-42 PSR .338 Lapua Magnum rifle with standard sidefolder. Beretta owns Steiner so they are featuring the Military 4-16x50, and the suppressor is the Surefire LLC model FA338SS. The Harris Bipod was chosen for this. The TRG stock system accepts Remington 700 USMC Short action and the M24 long action. Scope is the Schmidt & Bender PMII. The Harris bipod is chosen for this. (www.berettale.com)

One of the busiest booths at the show was the FNH USA booth with its emphasis on small arms for the warfighter. The SCAR program was well received with a constant flow of Marines looking over the rifle system, and the sniper and M3M .50 displays were also busy. (www.fnhusa.com)

The General Dynamics MK47 Grenade Machine Gun is a lightweight new generation of launcher that has been well accepted by testers and users alike. The idea for making it squad portable was put to Eagle and they designed a 4 pack system for packing this out - one pack that is for the MK47 itself, the next for tripod and FCU, and the next (add as many as you want) to carry the soft box ammo carriers in either 32 or 48 rounds. The soft carriers reduce the bulk of the ammo containers, but once loaded, will fit inside the original ammo cans the 40x53mm linked grenades come in making for a quick fit in a Humvee or other vehicle. (www.gd-ots.com) or (www.eagleindustries.com)

C. Reed (Trey) Knight III holds the M110 Carbine, the newly adopted Knight’s Armament Company 7.62x51 mm sniper rifle in its shorter profile. The patented dimpled ‘Heavy’ barrel delivers expected HB accuracy and consistency results, while providing lighter weight and more rapid cooling. 7.62mm M110 Carbine (P/N: 25749) pictured with Leupold 1.1-8x CQBSS (optional P/N 25884)

Prolific parts and weapons supplier LaRue Firearms presented several caliber variations of their Optimized Battle Rifle. The 7.62x51mm carbine version (shown) provides semiautomatic long range capability in a smaller package. (www.laruetactical.com)

The LMO/VLTOR manufactured PKM 7.62x54R machine gun that LMO has been supplying to USG customers. LMO is the GSA contractor armorer trainer for U.S. and foreign small arms, as well as a long-time supplier of unusual munitions. (www.longmountain.com)

LWRC featured their M6-G series rifles with the reliable short stroke gas piston operation they are well known for in their M16 based platforms. The REPR in 7.62x51mm was quite popular with the USMC attendees and is a contender for consideration on sniper systems. (www.LWRCI.com)

ManroyUSA.The MK43 Mod 0 EBS (Electro-optical BoreSight assembly) is utilized for accurately aligning weapons with their sighting systems. The EBS employs a state of the art color video camera and permits a single user to accurately and remotely align the weapon to the sight from the safety of the gunner’s position. The EBS provides a safe, easy to use, accurate, fast and reliable tool for boresighting that yields high first round hit probability. The ease of use of the EBS minimizes the time required to perform boresighting and maximizes the convenience and the frequency of the procedure. The EBS retains its accuracy over a wide range of environmental conditions and permits the alignment process to be accomplished at up to 2,000+ meters. (www.manroy-usa.com)

McCurdy’s Armor Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC is supplying a portable armored wall system named in honor of fallen Marine Corporal Ryan McCurdy. This armor system is fast to set up and as a single wall is effective up to 7.62mm threats. An interior wall can be added as well as sand-fill to bring that protection up to 12.7mm. (www.ddmat.com)

The Metal Storm Multi-Shot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher (MAUL) is an ultra-lightweight 12 gauge gun system that attaches to the barrels of the M4 and M16 Modular Weapon Systems (MWS). With Metal Storm’s stacked round firing system, the war fighter can load and fire five shots simultaneously in a single chamber, maximizing mission effectiveness. (www.metalstorm.com)

Nammo-Talley and Raytheon The new 83mm SERPENT shoulder fired launcher is a reloadable tube using a variety of task chosen ammunition that may be fired from enclosure. The three current workhorse rounds are the Novel Explosive for Urban Use, the High Explosive Anti-Armor, and the High Explosive Dual Purpose. The SERPENT weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg), has an overall length of 32.4 inches (82.2 cm) in the carry position, and has a range of 500 meters (1,640 feet). (www.nammotalley.com) and (www.raytheon.com)

MSG Military Systems Group started in 1984 and has been supplying mount and weapon related products ever since. They are a GSA provider and are online at the e-buy system. (www.milsysgroup.com)

US Ordnance- STS US Ordnance’s display featured a twin M2HB .50 caliber machine gun set up with right and left hand feeds. US Ordnance has numerous government contracts on the M2HB as well as the MK43 Mod O (M60E4) 7.62x51mm machine gun. The twins are set onto a naval mount that is one of the featured products of Special Tactical Services, LLC. STS is committed to providing the highest level of training possible to all of their clients and their main business line is providing GS approved training as well as contracted security in operations. (www.usord.com) and (www.spectacserv.com)

Rheinmettal and Vingtech provided a variety of solutions and enhancements for the 40x53mm platforms. Perhaps the most interesting was the Vingtech MK19 Capability Upgrade. This system was combat proven on the HK GMG and brings new accuracy to the MK19 system. Upgrade package includes the Vingmate Fire Control System, Vingtech Combi Softmount and the Vingtech Video Trainer. (www.vingtech.com)

RPG Stopper - The ShotScreen RPG Defeat System is an active protection system that can be mounted on new or retrofitted LAVs and a variety of other vehicles and stationary platforms. The system releases a wave of small diameter, low velocity non-lethal pellets from several non-slewing locations to defeat multiple anti-tank type RPG grenades. To defeat an incoming RPG, two adjacent warheads are fired to form an overlapping pattern of pellets. The cloud of pellets travel to the intercept plane at a low rate of speed. This pattern, or ‘shot screen,’ intercepts the RPG round at close range from the protected vehicle and neutralized the RPG to nullify its lethality. This is done by short-circuiting the electrical path in the dual cone nose as shown in the picture. In an alternate version, it pre-detonated PG7s at a significant stand-off distance. (www.gd-ots.com)

Magpul has been providing a prolific line of upgrade products as well as their in-house weapons designs, but the game-changing P-Mag 30 is still one of the hottest items at any show. www.magpul.com

Carl Zeiss presented some new products: Front: 4x30 fixed 4x ballistic prop compensated with 8 degree field of view; L-R NSV-1000 long range night vision, IRV-600 IR-Thermal Imager 1.2km range to detect a human, NSV-600 Intermediate range image intensifier, 6-24 x 72 Hensoldt military optic, Rear: Spotter 60 20-60x spotter optic. (www.zeiss.com)

Tippmann Ordnance Company, related to the longtime U.S. company that produced the Tippmann miniature fully functional one-half scale Browning machine guns and air rifles/paintball equipment, has produced a series of training gear that is pneumatically operated. Training suicide bomber vests, roadside IEDs, and the new M1A-M2 Mortar Launcher (shown). The M1A-M2 is a paint marker system resembling a military crew served mortar, similar in visual impact with a standard military 81mm mortar. The marker system is a 62mm, smoothbore, muzzle loading, gas/Co2 operated, manually fired, high angle-of-fire training device. The device propels a 20 oz. marker round (water soluble marker paint), with a 4 round per minute firing cycle rate, with an effective range of approximately 500 yards, providing a 70+ feet in diameter ‘kill zone’ while employing a maximum operating pressure of 200 psi. (www.tippmannordnance.com)

In keeping with their tradition of support at MDM, SureFire had a well-stocked booth. Of note were the mil-spec rifle suppressors. Top to bottom: FA762K for 7.62x51mm rifles weighing 19 oz (539gr) and has a length of 8.4 inches (19.1 cm); MICRO for the 5.56x45mm rifles weighing 12 oz (340gr) with a length of 4.0 inches (10.2cm); MINI for the 5.56x45 rifles weighs 14 oz (397gr) with a length of 5.0 inches (12.7cm). (www.surefire.com)

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab - The MCWL is an effective group whose mission is to “Conduct concept-based experimentation and wargaming to develop and evaluate tactics, techniques, procedures, and technologies in order to support the warfighter by enhancing current and future warfighting capabilities.” This is accomplished through the various divisions of the lab; Science & Technology Integration; Global War on Terrorism Operations; Experiment Division; Technology Division, as well as several other groups. (www.mcwl.quantico.usmc.mil)

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V14N7 (April 2011)
and was posted online on November 1, 2011


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