SAR Show 2001

By Jeff W. Zimba

Just like last year, there will be another massive influx of Class III enthusiasts in Phoenix Arizona early in December. SAR Show 2001 will be on December 8-9th at the Arizona State Fairgrounds along with the Crossroads of the West Show. We are again expecting over 200 tables of Class III related items in the SAR building and over 1400 total tables throughout the entire show.

For any who have never attended this show, it is spread over an enormous area, in several buildings with a fair amount of room to move around. There are outdoor displays as well allowing room for vehicles and reenactors to set up. There are food venders who do a great job keeping the massive crowds moving along the gun show rather than spending their time in a food line. This is far from your traditional small town gun show.

The weather is an enormous bonus here too. For those of us who live in the snow in December, the hot Phoenix sun is a welcomed addition to this weekend.

For any shoppers in your traveling group, the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas have a multitude of stores, shops and malls with items of all kinds available. It is a nice chance to do a little Christmas shopping a few weeks before the holidays. For the gentlemen, there are several gun shops in the area (See Machine Gunners Guide to Phoenix, AR in SAR Vol. 5 No 2, No. 2001). The golf in the area is also world class.

We will be hosting the Second Annual SAR-BQ starting at 5:00pm on Saturday, December 8th. This is a fun time to sit down with some other people in the Class III industry and have a good meal at the same time. Last years SAR-BQ was a great success and several who attended expressed an immediate interest in doing it again. Tickets for the BBQ must be purchased in advance in order to let our caterers know the head count and will not be available for sale at the show.

Below is a partial listing of some of the companies who will be set up at SAR Show 2001. We asked them to write a few words about their business, and anything that might pertain to the show. If you have any questions, you can contact us at (207)683-2959 or at sareview@aol.com. We hope to see you there!


Aurora Tactical will be bringing the following items to the SAR Show. Night vision and thermal equipment from Raytheon Products Company, Excalibur and ITT. Drag bags and shooters mats from Eagle Industries, Mounting solutions from A.R.M.S. Products, Combat knives from Bussee, NXS Scopes from Knight Force and of course Class 3 weapons.


Makers of Recoil Buffers for a variety of handguns and rifles. Manufacturer of the MagCinch connecting device for detachable magazines. Sole US Importer of Bubits Shoulder stock and 16” impulse barrels for the glock pistol. www.buffertech.com And also at www.glocksbr.com


DSA offers a complete line of new U.S. manufactured SA58 rifles. TheSA58 is an incredibly strong and accurate multi-function FAL-type rifle that can be accessorized to fit the personal needs of each shooter. Along with a huge selection of FAL/SA58 parts, optics and accessories, DSA will be exhibiting the MAG 58, SS77 South African and Bren L-4. www.dsarms.com


The Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Policy Institute (FCSPI) is the legislative advocacy representative of the fifty caliber shooting community, retails and manufacturing industry. The Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Assn. Inc. (FCSA) is the national organization founded for promoting the “Sporting Uses of the .50 BMG”. Both organizations will be represented at the SAR Gun Show answering questions and displaying educational, promotional and fund raising material. www.50cal-policy.org


Gemtech will have an exhibit where they will be selling the latest silencer designs and proven classics from their extensive catalog of sound suppressors and accessories. They will be showing some advance release products upcoming for 2002 and will have show specials, including free shipping on silencer orders placed at the SAR show. www.gem-tech.com


Great Lakes Arsenal will have their 12-gauge DuckBill shotgun choke, both mounted on barrels for sale and available for orders. The DuckBill Choke changes a shotgun’s pattern from a circle to an oval 4 times as wide as it is tall. With #4 Buck at 30 yards, the pattern is 24 inches tall and 96 inches wide. Kevin Dockery will also be autographing a selection of his books on the Navy SEALs available for purchase.


J&T Distributing will be bringing a huge selection of replacement Class 3 parts to the 2001 SAR Convention. We specialize in the M-60, 1919 BMG, M-2 Carbine, M-14, M-16, M79 and the M-203. There will also be an extensive array of magazines, mounts and other accessories for the above weapons and many others. We are really looking forward to seeing many of our West Coast friends and customers again. www.JTDISTRIBUTING.com


Kuehl Precision Firearms is a Class 2 manufacturer. We are marketing dedicated .22 LR uppers for the AR-15/M-16 that are designed to work with the Ceiner/Atchisson .22 LR conversion kit. We will be displaying for sale all our standard upper configurations at the show as well as stripped .22 LR barrels, parts for our uppers and spares for the Atchisson .22 kit. We look forward to seeing you all at the show. www.kuehlprecisionfirearms.com


L.A.W. Enforcement Sales is a firearms and firearms accessory dealer, located in Burbank, California dedicated to providing the finest tactical gear for Law Enforcement Agencies, on the Federal, State and Local level. We provide sales as well as armory services for title 2 firearms and carry a complete inventory of replacement and service parts for the automatic weapons that we represent. At the SAR show we plan to offer for sale Benelli and Mossberg Short Barreled Shotguns, HK machine guns, EOTech Holosights, GGG sighting solutions, Surefire Weapon mounted tactical lights, AO night sights, Beta Co. C-mags and more. We will also bring any pre-ban magazines that we have in inventory at the time for machine guns as well as for pistols. A full line of URBAC11 barrels will be available for sale at the show. www.lesales.com


Lomont’s display was quite a crowd pleaser at the SAR 2000 show, and the plans are to do a complete setup with early machine guns all the way to the most modern, with suppressors and parts as well. www.klomont.com


Long Mountain Outfitters will be bringing a selection of machine guns, as well as some parts, accessories, and machine gun books. We have a new collection coming in shortly before the show, with some very nice Curio and Relic machine guns. www.longmountain.com


Ohio Ordnance Works will be coming to the Small Arms Review Show in December. Some of the things that we usually have at our tables are as follows: Some transferables. Our Semi-Auto BAR (The 1918A3 SLR), our Colt 1927 Browning Water Cooled Belt Fed Semi Auto (We offer both a blued and parkerized version), Semi/Auto 1918 BAR (blued version), A-4 M-2 pistols, various machine gun mags, A-4 Linkers, various machine gun accessories (including some rare accessories) and of course our Post May Dealer Samples (PKM, RPD, Minimi, KK P1 59). We truly look forward to seeing all of you at the show! www.ohioordnanceworks.com


SILLC will be bringing Yugoslavian 8mm Mauser at a special show price, 9mm Largo, some Lafette tripods with M60 adapters, USAS12, SA80, and other assorted magazines, as well as our new Ultimax 100 and VZ61 Skorpion parts sets. www.sillc.com


Tactical Innovations LLC specializes in MAC style machine guns, suppressors and related accessories and also stocks other machine guns and NFA items. Make sure to contact us for Sten mag converted M11’s, M10/45’s WITH 9mm conversions included as well as MAC Jack M11 rate accelerators, non-turning charging handles, replacement buffers, Sten mags, M10/45, grease gun mags and of course Bowers suppressors. WWW.tacticalinc.com for full listings and specials. Thanks! Craig Wheatley


U.S. Ordnance Inc. manufactures a series of high quality semi automatic belt fed guns. The guns currently produced are the Browning M-1919 A-4 and A-6, the Water-cooled Vickers and the M-60 Standard and E3 models. All guns have a five year warrantee and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Watch our web-site for the new products coming this Fall. U.S. Ordnance Inc. PO Box 70425, Reno, NV 89570 Web. www.usord.com, Phone 775-356-1303 Fax 775-356-1313

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V5N3 (December 2001)
and was posted online on March 28, 2014


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