Small Arms Review In The Fiftieth State

By Mark Genovese

The second annual Public Shooting Sports Fair, held at the Ukumehame Firing Range on the Lahaina side of the island of Maui came off without a hitch. Fortunately we were blessed with bright sunshine and tropical off shore breezes. Whole families converged on the sports equipment and club displays. They enjoyed the chance to try their hand at the .22’s, trap shooting, hunting firearms, highpower rifles, antiques, cowboy guns, action pistol and archery. Two local gunsmiths were on hand to answer all technical questions. Mauka Ammo kept the crowd jumping with their huge display of fire-breathing belt fed guns. The colorful rack of Small Arms Review magazines were eagerly sought after by all.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V4N10 (July 2001)
and was posted online on May 2, 2014


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