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Vickers Machine Gun Ammunition Basket

By Robert Segel

Introduced at the October Knob Creek machine gun shoot, Pat Moviel has reproduced, in a limited edition, an extremely useful replica accessory for all British Vickers shooters and collectors. The ammunition basket is made to exact detail by using the original British drawings. It even “bows” ever so slightly to accommodate the handles of the ammunition can that is placed in it. The basket attaches easily and securely to the British Mk. IV tripod head without the need for any tools. No longer does the gun have to lift the belt of ammo from ground level thus saving on wear and tear on the feedblock. This accessory is extremely rare in its original form here in the United States and this sturdy and well-made replica is a welcome addition to any shooter or collector that has a Vickers gun. The ammunition basket sells for $300 plus $10 postage and handling. Contact Pat Moviel, 3027 Kendall Road, Copley Township, Ohio, 44321 or e-mail at for more information.


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