KNS Precision AR-15 Hammer Cage

By David Lake

KNS Precision is well known for their AR-15 component upgrades and tools. The best known would be the anti-rotation and anti-walk trigger pins and pushbutton takedown/pivot pins. Their little inventions solve many problems overlooked or ignored by other manufacturers. They even make a “spade grip” kit to enhance the AR-15; however superfluous that can be, it’s very cool. KNS offers intelligent solutions for many other weapon platforms besides the AR-15; mostly in the form of takedown pins and iron sight options. The latest from KNS is the AR-15 Hammer Cage. It’s a fixture designed to assist with the installation and removal of the hammer by capturing the legs of the mainspring. This way the hammer is under no tension or torsion while the hammer pin is installed. Without the cage, we generally employ percussive force on the hammer pin as we struggle to hold the hammer in location. This practice can result in damage to the receiver caused by a missed hammer blow or the hole in the receiver can become oblong or otherwise damaged as the pin is forced through under misalignment. The hammer cage has invaluable application to manufacturers as it will improve productivity and eliminate the possibility of damage to a gun. (And it will keep your fingertips pain free.) It includes a combo tool for manipulating the legs of the mainspring and pushing out the pin. It’s $25 and should be considered necessary kit for any AR-15 owner. For more information, go to www.knsprecisioninc.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V19N3 (April 2015)
and was posted online on February 20, 2015


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