Press Release: DoubleStar and DownrangeTV begin filming “America’s Rifle”

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Michael Bane and the DownrangeTV crew spent last week at the new 45,000 sq. ft. DoubleStar plant in Winchester, KY to begin filming the new web series “America’s Rifle.” The series will feature an in-depth look at the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15. Hosting the show will be Jeff Cramblit, DoubleStar Pro and champion shooter. With multiple state and national, and international shooting awards, Jeff’s shooting resume leaves no doubt why he is the perfect choice.

“America’s Rifle” will take you through the AR-15 platform, its variants, and give pointers on how to use the rifle to its full potential. There are technical segments with DoubleStar’s Nick Collier that will cover everything from muzzle devices to buttstocks. The segments are designed to help newer shooters understand the vast selection of parts and accessories. Other segments include using the rifle in self-defense situations as well as calibers, hunting, 3 gun, and much more!

For a preview from Michael Bane, be sure to check out his podcast # 419 (http://www.downrange.tv/blog/down-range-radio-419-a-kentucky-adventure-americas-rifle/35026/).

“America’s Rifle” will be available on www.outdoorchannel.com and www.downrange.tv.

For more information about DoubleStar’s great American made products, visit www.star15.com


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