Press Release: Spyderco-Byte Newsletter - May 2015

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

NEW PRODUCT: FB33GP Bradley Bowie™

UPC: 716104650705
MSRP: $429.95
DEALER: $214.95
OVERALL: 9.93in 252mm
BLADE: 5.13in 130mm
EDGE: 4.57in 116mm
WEIGHT: 7.7oz 218g
GRIND: Full-Flat
ORIGIN: Taiwan

Custom knifemaker Gayle Bradley is well known to Spyderco fans as the designer of some of our most popular folding knives, including the Bradley Folder and Air. But as a former BladeSports competitive cutting champion, Bradley also has a deep understanding of high-performance fixed blades. To share that insight with our customers, Spyderco is proud to announce our first fixed-blade collaboration with Gayle—the Bradley Bowie.

Based on a custom design that he developed for an avid outdoorsman and elk hunter, the Bradley Bowie is an all-purpose outdoor utility knife optimized for hunting-related chores and field dressing game. Its full-flat-ground blade offers outstanding edge geometry for low-friction cutting, while maintaining substantial thickness behind the edge for strength. The blade’s profile includes a pronounced “belly” for increased control while processing game and, true to its Bowie character, is complemented by a long straight swedge (unsharpened bevel).

The blade of the Bradley Bowie is unique in that it is ground from PSF27, a high-performance spray-formed tool steel Bradley prefers in many of his highly prized handmade blades. Like the particle metallurgy process, spray forming rapidly solidifies the molten steel into small particles so its component alloys cannot “segregate” or settle. The result is a steel with an ultra-fine, extremely homogenous grain structure. Although not used in the production of steel for knife blades, the spray-forming process can also be used to spray steel onto a form to create a complex, near-finished shape that requires little finish machining. PSF27’s alloy composition includes chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and a generous 1.55% carbon. However, because its chromium content is 12%—just below the official threshold for stainless steel—care should be taken to maintain it properly.

To ensure maximum strength and comfort, the Bradley Bowie features full-tang construction and gracefully contoured 3-D-machined G-10 scales. The scales are secured to the tang with stout tubular rivets that help reduce weight and allow easy attachment of a lanyard or lashing of the knife to a pole to create an improvised survival spear. To provide convenient carry and protect the knife when it’s not in use, the Bradley Bowie includes a custom-molded Boltaron® sheath with a fully configurable G-Clip™ attachment.

A unique blend of insightful design and state-of-the-art metallurgy, the Bradley Bowie is an extremely capable and versatile fixed-blade knife that will eagerly tackle any cutting chore.


In the knife world, a “mule” is a sample knife used for performance testing. Spyderco’s Mule Team Series takes this idea to the next level by letting you join in the fun. Our Mule Team fixed-blade blanks allow steel-obsessed knife fans to evaluate different steels using the same identical design also make excellent “kit” blades for hobbyists and novice knifemakers.

The Mule Team Project is currently in its twentieth installment—the MT20—featuring Carpenter® CTS B70P® blade steel. According to Carpenter, CTS B70P is a “powder metallurgy derivative of their CRB-7 alloy, but with improved wear resistance and hardness capability.” What does all that mean to you? Right now, it may not mean much because as far as we can tell, the MT20 is the first factory knife ever produced with this steel. While that’s noteworthy, it doesn’t actually tell you what you can expect from the MT20 and CTS B70P. To better understand that, you can take a look at Spyderco’s steel chart.

Years ago we set the standard among knife manufacturers by providing detailed information on the alloy compositions of our blade steels in a user-friendly, easily-referenced format. Our steel chart still sets that standard and allows you to easily compare steels like CTS B70P to other more established blade materials. If you do that, you’ll find that B70P’s closest cousin is Cru-Wear®—a very highly regarded Crucible® steel that provides higher wear resistance than D2 and greater toughness than M2 high speed steel. Although B70P does not include Cru-Wear’s tungsten and has less vanadium, it has nearly twice the chromium content (making it a true stainless steel) and adds niobium, manganese, and silicon.

Be one of the first to experience the performance of CTS B70P by adding a Mule MT20 to your collection. Like all Mule Team knives, only a limited quantity of MT20 Mules was made, so act now!

*The Mule Team Project is an exclusive offering through the Spyderco Factory Outlet Store. Wholesale pricing is not available on Mule Team knives.


Spyderco’s new Golden, Colorado manufacturing facility is open and ready to usher in a new era in Spyderco’s history. The facility was officially dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 8th and the Spyderco Manufacturing Crew is now busy moving machinery and “setting up shop” in their new digs. Spyderco is extremely grateful to all our employees and their families, as well as the Golden business community, for all their support in this monumental project.

Although our new factory and the increased number of employees that will staff it marks some major changes for Spyderco, one thing will definitely not change: Our commitment to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the most innovative, reliable, and high-performance products in the industry.


Spring is the season of growth and Spyderco’s product line is keeping pace with the season by adding our newest and fresh 2015 Mid-Year Releases.

The Spyderco 2015 Mid-Year Supplement Catalog is available now with more new knives than we have ever released in a single spring/summer season. These new Spyderco and byrd knife offerings make their debut between June and December 2015.

As in year's past, you will receive a hard copy of the Mid-Year Supplement Catalog and pricing guide within the next couple of weeks.


Team Spyderco dominated the Colorado Springs Spartan Sprint
Race Saturday May 2, 2015.

The race was 4-plus miles long with 22 military-training-type obstacles of varying distances and difficulty. ESPN calls Spartan Races “A true test of will” and Team Spyderco ate it for lunch. Congratulations!


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