SITREP: February 2000
By Dan Shea

Just a couple of thoughts. I am sitting at the shop, everyone is calmed down, I have gone through all the computers, booted this, changed that, we are up and running so far. It’s kind of a lazy day- odd with so much to do....

It’s election year. This is the year we get to try to throw off the yoke of the Clintons. This is the year we get to “Make a difference”.

Y2K has been a bust for all the hypesters. The paranoia, the “Deadline”. Well, here we are, and I am just about where I expected to be- at the shop, preparing for the New Year. Are there some computer problems? Yes. Can they still get bad? Yes. Wait until about a week has gone by to see if things pan out. I don’t think it is anything we can’t handle in the course of a day, though. I think we are being distracted. Maybe on purpose, maybe not... but I do know that many of us haven’t had our eye on the ball. As an aside, all those MRE’s, candles, and extra cases of ammo are things you should have had anyway, so don’t lose any sleep over being properly prepared for any eventuality now.

Once again, it’s election year. In 1994 we kicked ass and took names. We really did. By the end of 1995, the various constitutional activists had either been discredited from without, or from within- all kinds of people showed up and tried to ally our causes with their own. Use our momentum as a vehicle for their own pet projects, which proved detrimental to our cause.

What is our cause? Well, I can’t speak for you, only for me. I believe that every day that we drift from the basic concepts of the founding fathers, is a day we are closer to tragedy- tragedy like Stalinist Russia, like Nazi Germany, like any people who have lost their moral compass. One of the signs of this is the weakness of the people in general, their selling out for the easier softer way in all walks of life. Bill Clinton represents that. While he has tirelessly worked towards his goals, it is his goals that are corrupt. He has no moral compass other than power. To a man like Clinton, sex is power... everything is rooted in power.... compassion is power.... and his wife is ten times worse- a true Marxist.

The seeds of our future problems have been sown over the last seven years. Some will say more, and I would agree. Yet, the unmitigated, unabashed sellout of our National Security has been in high gear during Clinton’s watch. Our military is weakened and scattered, with their mission blurred, and their morale is generally low. And the kicker? Well, our normal military readiness is totally compromised. It’s evident in many ways, but to those of us in the small arms community, it is evident when we look at the condition of the equipment we see in use.

Our military needs to be strong, well prepared, and with a high morale. ANY policy that interferes with that condition is counter to our national interest. It is incumbent on those of us who understand this to get the message out.

My point? There is a lot more at stake in the November 2000 elections than whether civilian ownership of firearms is threatened. There is a much bigger picture here. I intend to keep pushing people to vote, but it is not only based on whether I can leave my machine guns to my children- it is the entire legacy of America that I wish to leave to them, and that has been seriously undermined by the last seven years. Let’s start getting the vote out today.

- Dan

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V3N5 (February 2000)
and was posted online on August 7, 2015


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