By Dan Shea

December, 1999. End of the Century, end of the millennium. Perhaps there are those that will argue this whole thing is off a year or two due to calendar differences, etc., but the whole “Y2K” computer thing sort of throws this into perspective. January 1, 2000, is the date we will all consider to be the “Big one”, perhaps until January 2nd. At SAR, we are preparing in a big manner. Woodpiles are split, MRE’s are under everyone’s desk, our special black helicopter identifying binoculars on the windowsill. Lots of ammo is stowed, and I personally have been hoarding the rare parts sets “Just in case”. I see myself needing a 1910 Russian Maxim in the worst way. And some more night vision stuff, and some more DSHK ammo, and some more 308 Galil magazines... Oooh yeah, I need another barrel for my ZK383...

Just kidding. I sound like I’m making a Christmas wish list. We are watching out for this, as best we can. We are hoping to have the January SAR out well before December 31, and on the way to your hands. We also have been going through computers to make sure we won’t have Y2K problems. Hopefully that will be the extent of our problems to solve.

Y2K is probably the least of our problems as gun owners. On the heels of this crisis, or non-crisis, depending on your point of view, is a very real spectre. There are oily black clouds spewing out from the foundries in the land of Mordor, and they are headed this way. You got it, I am talking about the growing encroachment of the anti- Second Amendment fanatics into the Free Zones. Reports are coming in from almost all of the States about a massive build up of these fanatics. Disguised as caring, nurturing people, they are part of a well coordinated assault on the Second Amendment.

If I had a Christmas message other than one that was delivered about 2000 years ago, it would be about the message that was delivered about 200 years ago. That one came from blood and suffering, and hard earned lessons, and left us with a legacy of freedom. That is, if we can keep it.

The infighting in our groups is incredible, and very counter-productive. We need a united front. I back the NRA, all the way. I back the GOA, all the way. I back the JFPO, all the way. There are others as well. I don’t care about infighting, keep it in the closet. This election year coming up could be the most important one that this country has ever faced.

November of 2000 is going to be too late to start caring. If you value your freedoms, then start now. I am not going to try to dictate “Who” or “Which party” someone should be in. I am a big hairy cheerleader for the voting process, which starts NOW. Not on the day you cast a ballot, but NOW. If we value our freedoms, then we must fight for them. Many of us involved with SAR may have served in the military. I hate to say it, but that was then, and it might not have been enough sacrifice given today’s “Give away the freedom” climate. We all need to get active, today. Call the different gun groups. Call your congressmen. Go to the formative rallies. And GET THE VOTE OUT!

- Dan

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V3N3 (December 1999)
and was posted online on October 9, 2015


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