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SAR East Gun Show is Back!

By Robert Bruce

SAR’s formula for its sponsored shows – combining regular weapons with machine guns and much more – has long been an enormous success for dealers and attendees of the SAR West mega-shows. This concept has traveled quite well to the East Coast as seen in Robert Bruce’s look at some highlights from our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania event.

“The Harrisburg location is ideal and well known to the Class III and ‘Black Rifle’ community, so we think that this will give both sponsors of the show a chance to grow, just like we did with SAR West in Phoenix.” Dan Shea- Editor-in-Chief, Small Arms Review

Ideal indeed, not only for enthusiasts of exotic weaponry, but most everyone with an interest in firearms, the newly-activated SAR East show both promised and delivered the goods.

For three days beginning on the afternoon of June 19th, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s most strategically-located city, was ground zero for a multi-state tribal gathering of aficionados of vintage and modern weaponry including machine guns, mortars, silencers, black rifles, and plenty more.

The enormous Expo Hall of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex became both a “walk right up museum” and a 950 table shopping bazaar for more than 4,000 customers buying everything from A(mmo) to Z(ombie targets) offered by 225 vendors.

Noting how it was patterned on the enormously successful fifteen year run of the annual SAR West shows in Phoenix, Arizona, Debbie Shea, General Manager of Chipotle Publishing LLC, said that all the essential elements for a successful launch came together.

“We get so many requests for an SAR East show,” she said, “and we have really wanted to do it, but we needed the right partner to ensure that the show would be a success from the start. Steve and Annette Elliott (C&E Gun Shows/Showmasters) finally had an opening in a venue we all thought could allow for the growth.”

Echoing the optimism of both Sheas, show partner Steve Elliott offered his insight into how both personal and professional relationships can drive good business decisions.

“I’ve been long time friends with Dan and Debbie as well as Bob Templeton at...


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